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Chantelle Bowker can capture a moment perfectly with her camera. Whether its a striking fashion pose to a fun outdoors fashion shoot the energy and atmosphere is captured perfectly. Her models seem so relaxed and composed and this isn’t just because of their personality, Chantelle has to makes the model feel comfortable, happy and energetic to capture that real smile.Now a days anyone with a smart phone  and instagram thinks their a photographer, but to capture life and even nature in a way that needs no words is a hard skill to learn.

Chantelle’s photography speaks for itself, she’s not just a girl with a camera, she’s the girl with eye for perfection.

I wish I could upload more of her photographs for you  to see, so you definitely need to check out her Facebook page and Website!


What started your passion for photography?
I got the chance to study it at college. I had always enjoyed drawing and being creative but never thought about doing photography until then and I got to express myself through pictures and through other people within my pictures.

Whats your favourite thing to shoot?
People. They are so interesting and I love being able to capture their personalities by making them feel comfortable about themselves, even in the fashion side of my work; documentary photography really influences my style.

What/Who would you love to shoot?
I dont know anyone who doesn’t want to work with Cara Delevingne right now, she’s amazing!
I am also fascinated by travel photography and the amazing places in the world, so I would also love to shoot and travel the world.

Whats your camera of choice?
Im working with a Canon 50d at the moment. I love it and I mostly use my 50mm lens with it, especially when shooting fashion.






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