CCKT is a fashion line that was born in Newry and is now based in London. They are inspired by contributing artists from around the world, who provide them with unique artwork that is displayed through their collections.

Creators Cecilia and Katie began CCKT when they were around fifteen years old and it has been growing successfully ever since. The name is a clever combination of their nicknames pushed together.

They are known for attending events such as Bread and Butter, the Berlin Fashion Tradeshow that is known for displaying original up and coming fashion – particularly fashion that has a strong brand culture and philosophy.

What makes CCKT exciting is the fact that they are so open to artist involvement, inviting artists from around the world to print their work on CCKT’s range of t-shirts, vests and jumpers. At the moment they have artists from France, U.S.A and Australia designing work for them, whilst other artists are closer to home in London.

CCKT are beginning to grow bigger – one of their jumpers was spotted being sported by none other than Fearne Cotton last year on the cover of Star TV and they have also been featured in GQ.

With such a unique company mission and collaboration with artists, it will certainly be interesting to see where CCKT end up in the next few years!

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