Catherine Pape

Thanks to the great number of social networking websites and blogging platforms, inspiring images, illustrations and works of art have never been more accessible to those looking for their daily dose of some visual pleasure. However, the quality does not always come with the quantity and sometimes we may find ourselves furiously scrolling through another Tumblr, trying to find something actually worth looking at.  Today, I am going to make this tremendous work a little bit easier for you, especially if you like your things delicate and feminine, yet definitely not forgettable. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I present to you Catherine Pape.

There is not much information about Catherine herself – she is from Suffolk and graduated with First Class Honours from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone. As she says on her website she is inspired by

“Plants, maps, patterns and the bits of blue and white pottery that you find in the soil at the bottom of the garden.”

When you do some more investigating (also known as web stalking), you can find her Twitter profile and see a delicate, young girl smiling shyly from her profile picture. Exactly how I imagined her when I first saw her illustrations.

Catherine illustrates books and comics as well as creates murals, patterns and elegant prints which you can buy from her website. Her creations are incredibly delicate and feminine, with a magical touch of something mysterious and indescribable.  Thanks to that, the illustrator does not bore us and manages to stand out in the sea of aspiring artists and creators.

Catherine’s work has been recently noticed by WGSN and if someone knows who the up and coming illustrators are, it’s these guys so keep your eyes peeled for more news about this young talent!

To see more of Catherine’s work, visit her website.

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