Calum Macdiarmid

Director Calum MacDiarmid’s latest short film, 82, is currently creating a buzz on the film festival circuit. The short, which stars Nick Moran (Harry Potter and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels), enters the dark psyche of a postman on his usual route through a suburban neighbourhood. 82 has recently been screened as part of a collection at the London Independent Film Festival. Follow the link below to watch the trailer.

Calum studied at Kingston University and his artistic roots in illustration and animation come through in the impressionistic style of his films. Calum’s first film; 2010 short, Worship, based on the work of Calum’s psychiatrist father, inserts brief, animated scenes into live-action montage to create a dream-like world. Recently he’s also been working on a film called Liquid Spirit Still which he says is largely artistic and stems from the idea of paint being thrown at an invisible entity and revealing it to be a ballerina. The film will be available online shortly.

Calum MacDiarmid works for ‘Great Guns’ production company, see the link below for more examples of his commercial work.



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