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Being an intern for one of London’s magazines last Spring, I sometimes had a chance to attend fashion shows and if I was lucky enough there was even an empty seat in a second row that needed to be filled for PR purposes allowing me to feel like a real fashion personality. One of the events I got an invite for was  London College of Fashion’s FdA & BA runaway show. Being LCF’s student myself I knew it was a not-to-be-missed opportunity and guess what? I got a front row seat!

Now, here is the thing about graduate shows – they are long. Comparing to your usual 15-minutes-then-go-home fashion week events, these are serious business. And sadly, in times of Twitter and Instagram our attention spans get shorter and shorter – even if you breathe fashion, staring at clothes for an hour and half on a really hot day will make you bored. So here I was, trying so hard to concentrate and look like I was not just an intern but a FASHION EDITOR while my mind slowly started taking me other places and then, all of the sudden, there it was – Brogan Toyn’s “Jamaican Me Crazy”, a  breath of fresh air that really grabs your attention.

“Jamaican Me Crazy” is the Brogan’s graduate collection for S/S 2013. Created as a response to frequent homophobic dancehall lyrics, it presents expressive streetwear for the modern man, not ashamed of who he is.  For the collection, Brogan worked with textile designer Zoe Sterling to create a real feast of colours, fabrics and shapes. In “Jamaican Me Crazy”, oversized holographic bomber jackets are worn with pastel, sequin trousers and neon crochet tops are must-haves.

Brogan is the fashion’s fresh blood – her collection does not only bring us playful and colourful clothes but also makes a statement and tries to start a discussion, provoke your thoughts. For me, that’s what you should do when you are a fresh graduate and the recognition Troyn has got after showing “Jamaican Me Crazy” to the world proves my point. Apart from the media coverage, recently she was awarded by i-D magazine as a part of their Diversity NOW! Contest.

To end her show, Brogan asked her models to dance like no one was watching, play with the convention and that is exactly what her designs do – entertain while being different, memorable and thought-provoking.

To find out more about Brogan and her designs, visit her portfolio page.

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