Bobby Tank: One Man Post-Dubstep Movement

Since the breakaway success and mainstream acceptance of Dubstep music, our ears have been inundated with the genre’s tunes and artists. The crackling snare and wobble bass line have become commonplace and a familiar noise to our ears.

It’s origins as an underground, innovative and fresh music scene has been diminished due to it’s immense and mainstream success. This is where the likes of super producer Bobby Tank comes in! Hailing from London and signed to independent British record label MofoHifi Records, Bobby Tank takes the Dubstep template and with the help of huge synths, glitchy drums and forward thinking production manipulates it into his own. With grooving 80’s funk mixed with a heavy bass, this post- Dubstep artist truly makes genre defying music.

Instantly danceable and equally listenable, Bobby Tank is fast rising start in the electronic music scene having received accolades from such journal bodies as the Guardian, and Rolling and further praise from Zane Lowe (BBC Radio 1).

With major influences from the likes of Prince and Michael Jackson, Bobby Tank fuses modern dance in all it’s sub bass glory with the melodic and rhythmic complexity of 80’s best pop music. It is with this influence that Bobby Tank looks back to the 80’s, taking the best of its musical output, incorporating the great aspects of dub step, and moving forward into a new musical direction.

Bobby Tank truly is a one-man post -Dubstep movement. Check him out via his website, Facebook page and on Soundcloud. I will tag these links in with this post. With a host of original tracks, as well as remixes, this is one artist you don’t want to miss!

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