A rise out from the depths and a swift return back into them; Blossomer, a sleeping giant?

Blossomer is an enigma for any writer trying to figure them out at the moment; the Sheffield three-piece released a hazy and obscure video and single in January and, aside from a solitary debut show at ‘The Bowery’, there isn’t a whiff of the band. This is owing to the decision to hibernate into the studio and perfect a selection of tracks for a likely future release. The obscurity of the release works as an apt metaphor for the band itself who quickly rose out of the depths of obscurity and event more swiftly returned back into them.

There have been justified comparisons made to ‘Wild Beasts’ in the wake of the single ‘Brother’ with its ethereal backing croons and earthy pedalled guitar riff. But the main focus of this song is that vocal line which pierces through the hazy effects and rings with a certain clarity and precision which would make Hayden Thorpe proud.

From what I can see the band has been featured BBC Introducing Sheffield and on other site online. Though they are currently a fairly non-descript band, this is an exclusive well worth paying attention to.


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