Blessa is a five-piece band that’s been making waves in Sheffield with their chilled, shoe gaze sensibilities and thrashy guitars. The band occupies vacant territory in the local scene as the sultry vocals atop punchy instrumentation and rhythms which compose the band make for a unique sound distinct from the dissonant trend that has taken hold inSheffield in recent times.

Bright chords hint at similarities with Cults but there is grungy fuzz liberally applied which draws comparisons away from linear, lo-fi pop. A No Age-esque detached energy characterises the band; the low-slung guitars and tacit vitality on-stage allow the songs to announce themselves.

Tramlines heralded the return of the local band back into form after a brief hiatus which they dedicated to writing. Two gigs at The Bowery and SOYO during the weekend festival featured the new material the band had been working on whilst away. There wasn’t a noticeable shift in style but the new set reflected a deeper working of song craft and instrumentation through the intricately woven counter play between the band members.

After a headlining gig at Semi-Detached Boat Party at the beginning of the month, time in the studio and a potential release could be on the cards in the near future. For now though we’ll have to be content with old releases like Vices, which was a highlight in their now rested set list. The track intimates at the developing style and potential of the band which is now in bloom.

Vices by BLESSA

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