Best Friends

Listening to Best Friends’ ‘Throwing Up’ EP in the chill of an early Sheffield evening seems contrary to the feel conveyed in the four-piece’s bright and overdriven, surf-pop grooves. The heavy punch delivered in chorus lyric “you make me feel so unreal” on the EP’s lead track ‘Wasting Time’ expresses a complete radiance and fullness of sound; an energy is present which makes the lyric “feel” all the more apt.

I defy anyone not to dance when confronted with the live energy of the band. Recent gigs with the Mystery Jets and Drenge have been a testament to the fun, live show the band can put on. At the shows, the band positively colours the stage with their irreverent tunes.

Check out the suitably bright video for recent single ‘Surf Bitches’ linked at the side for more.

Throwing Up Ep

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