About Sophie Biddulph

Hello, I'm Sophie and I am currently studying for a BA in Illustration at the University of Worcester, having previously studied Textile Design at Chelsea. I enjoy many forms of art and I often use my surroundings and British heritage to inspire new work, and ways in which I work. 'Born in Britain' is a project for young, undiscovered people, who have developed a talent (a bit like some of us).

Kyle Platts

Kyle Platts is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist from Sheffield, who now lives and works in London.

Since graduating from University of the Arts London, Kyle has produced work for a number of publications, including Nobrow, Vice, The New York Times and Anorak Magazine. He has also been involved with several art and design shows. Most recently, Kyle exhibited and sold work at Pick Me Up Graphic Fair, in Somerset House, and at East London Comics and Art Festival, in Bethnal Green’s York Hall.

Kyle’s work is often provocative and makes light of sinister scenarios. His designs are playful and humorous, sometimes crude, and definitely not to be taken seriously!

He uses bright, bold, sometimes florescent, colour and strong line, combined with repetitive pattern to produce complex scenes and fictional characters.

Kyle’s latest comic book ‘Megaskull’, for Nobrow, is the first of a series where you can be introduced to some of these characters and delve into the world in which they live in.

To see more of Kyle’s work, you can visit his website – www.kyleplatts.com

Or visit his blog – kyleplatts.tumblr.com


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Marcus Butt

Marcus Butt is an illustrator.

Since graduating in Illustration from the University West of England, he moved to London where he is now based.

He makes colourful, texture-rich 2d images for a range of clients and has had his work printed in publications including; ‘Wired’, ‘Radio Times’ and ‘Creative Review’.

Marcus responds to creative briefs with a thoughtful and conceptual approach. He combines bold shape and line with visual metaphor to translate a strong message. Marcus plays with silhouette and shadow, which help to form his graphic images.

He also makes clever use of space. His imagery is always well executed, displaying an ability to work from different views and angles.

Marcus’ work is attractive and accessible to a wide audience.

You can see more of Marcus’ work on his website  www.marcusbutt.com

He is represented by Rare Bird London and is also on twitter @marcusbutt01

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Louise Blakeway

Introducing Louise Blakeway, a spectacular Midlands based Fine Artist.

Louise recently completed her degree, a BA in Fine Art, from Birmingham City University School of Art. She has been nominated for several awards and was most recently shortlisted for the 2013 Sketch Drawing Prize at Rabley Drawing Centre. Her work was also recently pre-selected for the Royal of Painters in Watercolours Open 2013, at the Mall Galleries in London.

To date, Louise has exhibited all around the Midlands, including at The Public Gallery in West Bromwich and at The Open Project, mac, Birmingham. She has shown work in both solo and group exhibitions.

Louise produces thought-provoking art works primarily by drawing, painting and printmaking.

She is interested with the human psyche and explores this through portraiture.

Technique and process is important to Louise. She considers these elements when produced her thoughtful work, which is made with meaning. Past collections of work have been based on themes of identity and neglect.
Despite creating work which is sometimes ideas led, Louise’s incredible paintings and portraits are open for interpretation. The real story is made individually and is unique between every viewer and the piece of art.
You can buy pieces of Louise’s beautiful work through her website, where you can also view more collections  www.loubeeart.co.uk




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Andy Petrouis

Andy Petrouis, or Dr Petrouis as he is fondly known, is an Illustration undergraduate at the University or Worcester.

Whilst he isn’t a Doctor quite yet, he most certainly is talented and has spent much time mastering his drawing style.

Andy typically draws with a Rapidograph pen, known for its precision and fine qualities. This tool enables Andy to perfect his drawings with tiny detail, right down to the bodily hair on the characters he creates.

Andy prefers to mix media and uses many hand drawn techniques to create personal and expressive pieces of work.

There is often a significant use of pencil in Andy’s work; a tool that is often disregarded by other design professionals. In this case, the pencil work makes images appear more primitive and is used to articulate detail against a relatively plain background.

Music and lyrics have played a key role in influencing Andy’s artwork. Although the works of art and music contrast, in that music develops over time, whereas the image is static, both enable the creator to develop a narrative.

Visual communication is important to Andy, who uses his illustration as a means of story telling. This communicative style is powerful, giving his work depth and substance.

You can see more of Andy’s work through his Twitter page @APillustrated


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Izzy Woolley

Izzy Woolley is a wonderful animator and illustrator and is currently studying her BA in these specialist subjects at the University of Worcester.

Izzy may still be studying but her entrepreneurial flare and natural talent for producing art work has meant that she has already sold and exhibited pieces.

Her illustrations have featured in the charity Ibook ‘Nasus Reklaw’ and ‘The Neverending Orange Grove’ and she has produced art works for Costa Coffee. She has more recently juggled university work with creating her own art page on Facebook and she has had her own stall at the ‘Youth Market’ in her home town of Belper, Derbyshire.

Izzy’s working style is skilful, varied and dynamic. Her diverse approach to drawing enables every piece of work to appear different in some way, yet still retain a signature look, be it through colour or pattern.

Izzy enjoys experimenting with different mediums and likes to combine digital with more traditional methods of working.

You can see more of Izzy’s work on her Facebook page – Izzy Woolley Illustration

Nasus Raklaw is available to read on the following website – www.nasusreklaw.com where you can also see Izzy’s illustrations.



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Katie Scott

Katie Scott is a gifted illustrator, interested in producing detailed anatomical drawings.

Having graduated in Illustration from Brighton, Katie is now based in London.

Katie had an interest in science from a young age, her intricate work demonstrates fantasy and peculiarity through biology.

Whilst she uses meticulous and tiny detail in her work, Katie prefers to produce large scale pieces, which make the small patterns and drawings all the more fascinating!

Katie is not shy to use colour and uses a beautiful range within her work. They are never bright or garish and have an almost aged quality to them. Colours are pale and delicate, almost resembling older medical drawings.

Many people interested in illustrative or graphic work, may have seen Katie Scott’s designs at the Pick Me Up Graphics Fair this year in Somerset House. However, she has also produced imagery for Phaidon, Nobrow and Dodd Clothing.

Katie’s art also features on several single releases from the Bombay Bicycle Club album ‘A Different Kind Of Fix’, which she produced the cover for. In 2012, this was nominated for ‘Best Artwork’ at the NME awards.


To see more of Katie’s work, you can visit her website – www.katie-scott.com

Or you can visit her blog – katie-scott.tumblr.com

She is also on Twitter and has a Facebook page dedicated to her lovely artwork.

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Holly Khraibani-Cousins

Holly Khraibani-Cousins is a well travelled illustrator from Dagenham, currently living in Tewkesbury and studying in Worcester.

Whilst Holly is about to embark on her third year of a BA Illustration course, she is already accomplished in her field.

She recently exhibited biographical art work, on the life of Billie Holiday, at Worcester Art Gallery and Museum.

Holly’s illustrative style is developed and mature, as the prolific nature in which she works has helped her to perfect her drawing.

She uses a variety of media, unafraid of trying something new. Past works have seen experimentation with colour, line and tone, using anything from watercolours and ink to collage, paper cuts and type.

Holly also uses visual metaphor in her work and often uses her designs to convey an important or serious message, sometimes with comedy, although she is particularly interested in producing imagery for children’s books.

Aside from university, Holly is also an experienced former hair dresser, a wife and mum to baby Zein. She is a brilliant role model for hard working women.

Her determination and passion is clearly visible, as it transforms through her inspirational art work. Long may it continue.



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Malika Favre

Malika Favre is an incredible French illustrator, who lives in London.

Her work demonstrates strong, clean line and minimalism. With geometric shapes and constant use of bold colour, it is a modern take on Art Deco.

Whilst her work is far from busy in design, it most certainly isn’t simple or unsophisticated. Favre’s work demands attention.

“I try and get to the essence of my subject by using as few lines and colours as it needs to convey the core of the idea” says Malika, who continues to refine her technique.

Favre’s design work, which is mostly editorial, has appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including ‘Creative Review’ and ‘Wallpaper’. She has also produced art work for album and EP covers, exhibitions and iPad documents.

Her highly adaptable designs have even been made into brooches, scarves and animations.

You can see more of Malika’s work, which you can also buy, on her website =


She also has a twitter account @malikafavre

(I absolutely love this girl’s work)


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You Byun

I first saw the magical illustrative work of You Byun at Pick me up Graphics Art Festival, London 2013.

Byun grew up in America, Korea and Japan and currently lives in New York. She received her Master’s degree of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2009.

Her experiences living in different countries are clearly reflected in her designs, which demonstrate appreciation of both Western and Eastern cultures.

Byun draws beautiful landscapes with the most extraordinary detail. Her work is ornate and decorative with intense bursts of pattern. She also uses a rich colour palette, heavy with pastels. The peach tones, which appear in several of her pieces, are especially warm and pretty.

“The works invite you into her imaginative realm that is playful yet sometimes tinged with a somber autumnal hint of transformation.” Byun.

You Byun’s ability to inspire people, has helped her gain recognition from various magazines and win competitions. She is currently working on her first contribution to Nobrow and her second children’s book with international publishers, Penguin Group. Her first book ‘Dream Friends’, was published in February 2013, with the same publisher.

Byun has also produced drawings on an enormous scale, designing murals for Singapore’s ‘Bar Sauce’.

To see more of You Byun’s imaginative work, you can visit  www.youbyun.com

She is also on twitter @YouByun and has a Facebook page dedicated to her creativity You Byun (artist page).




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John Biddulph

John Biddulph is a Midlands based musician, originally from Cromford in Derbyshire. (He is also a relative, if you hadn’t already guessed)

John likes to experiment using electronic and sampled acoustic sounds and instruments, to create soundscapes.

 His latest album, ‘Terra Nova’, was composed to celebrate Scott’s remarkable journey to the Antarctic. It was first performed as part of the Centenary celebrations at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.
‘Terra Nova’ was the name of the ship that took men, animals and supplies to the South Pole.
The music explores themes and imagery that comes from Scott’s own journal.

A pianola was shipped to the South Pole; the folk song it plays in the recording reflects a yearning for home perhaps. Hoosh is the strange stew-like brew that became a real comfort in difficult times and Simpson’s Corner is where all the measuring devices for weather and an array of batteries and circuits were kept. Scott spoke poetically of the ice singing and poignantly that “all the daydreams must go” as the journey neared it tragic end.

If you would like to listen to some of the music John has produced, you can search for him on iTunes, where you can also listen to another album ‘Galilean Moons’.


His music is also available to downnload on Spotify.



Hannah Chester

Hannah Chester is a Textile Designer based in London.

Having recently graduated from Chelsea College of Art, Hannah now creates fashion garments, which she creates from the design to the finished garment. This includes making the fabric.

Hannah refers to symmetry, repeat pattern and illusion when creating her beautiful fashion pieces. She also carefully considers colour.

Hannah often works with the concept of mirror imagery in her design, which enables her to create new and interesting shapes and patterns. These designs form the remarkable foundations of her garments.

To date, Hannah has worked on several high profile projects and collaborations, including showing her work at Shoreditch Town Hall, as a part of ‘London Graduate Art Festival’, March 2013, featuring promising artists from across London.

She has also been in this years January TFRC publication, which highlights the most promising students to graduate from University of the Arts in 2012.

Currently, Hannah is working with customising fashion pieces, as she gains inspiration for a more ‘wearable and everyday collection’, without losing her signature geometric style. One part of this project, includes working on a Tom Ford sample piece, using heavy machine stitching and lots of hand dyed threads.

To see more of Hannah’s amazing work , you can look at her blog (where you can also contact her);



Thom Bartley

Thom Bartley; Photographer, Musician and Law and Business Graduate (A pretty clever bloke).

Thom found his interest in photography about four years ago. At this time, he hadn’t yet developed a style, but he knew he wanted to take pictures.

‘Over time I’ve realized that what I enjoy the most is portrait photography. I like keeping an organic natural look to my shots. I prefer to capture an image without having to go into Photoshop and drastically change what I’ve taken‘ says Thom.

‘I love photography because I like capturing beauty. I find people the most interesting and beautiful things to photograph. I enjoy the process of meeting a model and using a combination of ideas, creativity and personality, to come up with something which is unique to that person yet retains my personal style.’

This approach to photography is clearly paying dividends, as Thom has an established and sensitive portfolio of work. This includes photographs Thom recently took at The Midlands Fashion Awards.

As well as being rather handy with a camera, Thom also enjoys making music, which he has done from an early age.

Thom has always enjoyed singing and started to play the guitar at 13. He began writing music, as well as performing his pieces.

‘ My music and photographic styles are very similar. I work extremely quickly and prefer a raw organic approach, as opposed to over producing something.’

If you like soulful, acoustic music with a folky style, you can listen to examples of Thom‘s beautiful work on his website. You can also see his photographic work on here too.





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