About Robert Henry

I am a young, creative and inquisitive undergraduate from Manchester, studying Architecture in Sheffield. I like to adventure and explore, to leave the 'beaten track' and I am at all times on the hunt for new experiences. I work part-time in both retail and as a photographer/videographer, parallel to my studies.

Introducing Jeramiah Ferrari

I headed home again this week to catch up with the fantastic 4 piece that I first wrote about two months ago. You can check it out here.

From the unassuming town of Leigh in Lancashire, JF are bringing a fresh and original brand of reggae to the UK with a unique and funky mix of rock, calypso, ska, and punk. They’ve gigged accross the country, supported the likes of ‘The Skints’ and appeared in the recent documentary, Manchester: Beyond Oasis.

Both laid back and assiduous in their writing, the band are continuously producing and pushing brand new material, manifest in the two exclusive new tracks in today’s video.  I was fortunate enough to also film the single ‘Shine‘ from their recent EP release ‘The Dubby Rock EP‘ which hit number 4 on the iTunes reggae chart.  Watch it here.

With a growing Facebook fan base of already over 5000, and over 70000 views on their YouTube channel, their sound is spreading, fast, and Jeramiah Ferrari are showing no signs of slowing down.

Introducing Ford And The Shouts

Fronted by the beautiful Miss Ford, The Shouts are mixing sweet sounding Blues and Pop with funky beats and rhythms. The sassy four are only a year old; originally an acoustic/cover band, they hit on something special with their covers of Amy Winehouse, Paulo Nutini, and John Mayer. With a growing fan base the bands early successes have provided the bedrock to build up their own style and record some original tracks.

Currently working hard, recording more and more and boosting their exposure as much as possible, they’re already planning for festivals in the sunny months of next year. I’m anticipating an exciting and eventful 2013 for Ford And The Shouts, give their new EP ‘Shouting For Our Lives’ a listen, available for FREE on their SoundCloud, here.

[EDITOR PLEASE LINK http://soundcloud.com/fordandtheshouts for “here”. IT VANISHES WHEN I ADD IT]

Introducing Elephant

After reading about these guys on the blog a couple of weeks back, and completely seduced by their sound, I couldn’t resist meeting up with Elephant for an acoustic session.

You can read Adonis’ post on the group, here.

Surprisingly humble and very critical of their work, these guys are in it for their love of making music, and nothing more. I met up with them at the peaceful Sheffield Cemetary to hear how the band came about, and to listen to one of their newest tracks, ‘Pixels‘.


Introducing The Lottery Winners

Introducing The Lottery Winners, ‘Born in Salford and raised on romance‘.

Since forming back in 2008, the charming ‘indie-pop’ four have seen incredible success. Their fast growing fan base is testament to the fact that everybody who hears these guys, loves them, immediately. On top of supporting The Futureheads and The Enemy, to name a couple, in 2010 the band won the Live and Unsigned music competition at the O2 London, beating around 10,000 entries from other artists.

Despite all of this, the band are yet to release an album. Don’t be fooled however, because they are working harder than ever, and it won’t be long before ‘The Lottery Winners‘ is a name you begin to hear much more often.

I caught up with them this week for a chat and also to hear one of their newest tracks, ‘Elizabeth‘.





Introducing The Portlands

I headed home this week to meet up with The Portlands, a folk rock band from Leigh, Lancashire. The quintuplets successes since forming in 2009 have taken them all the way to America, and later this month will see them begin a European tour which is being extended by the day.

With two EPs under their belts and countless live gigs and festival performances, their experience and skill equate to a rich and mature sound that is both warm and intense.  Their strong, guitar based style switches fluently from melodic finger picking to heavy get up and dance strumming, combined in such a way that makes their live performances something to behold.

You needn’t take my word for it however, fortunately I had my camera with me…

Method in the Madness – Octane & DLR

With 10 years of experience, Octane & DLR’s new album has been a long time coming.

In 2011 this genius duo from Leeds took the drum & bass world by storm with a distinctive and superior sound, the menacing ‘Red Mist’ one of the most known. They excelled immediately and concluded the year with sets at Outlook, Star Warz and even a tour inAustralia and New Zealand.

The newly released album ‘Method in the Madness’ has been hugely anticipated by drum & bass fanatics, producers and followers of most electronic music genres combined. Their incredibly high quality technical production and sample releases, as well as boundary pushing style and mixing of genres, has set them two steps ahead of everyone.

In the new album, the utter filth that is ‘Murmur’ and ‘Gravity’ meets the high standard expected of the two. Look across the album however, and you’ll see that medals need be awarded for going well beyond the call of duty. With an array of hip hop verses from the likes of Kemo, MC Fonts and Gusto, jazz fusion, scatting and vocals from Marion (did I mention live piano and though it need not be said, bass?), the Erlenmeyer and graphics on the album artwork begin to appear more than suitable.

Drum & bass/Electronic albums of this caliber are few and far between. An important release for fans of all electronic music, it needs picking up today.

Jeramiah Ferrari

If ever you’ve had the pleasure of visiting the small and unassuming town of Leigh in Lancashire, you will likely agree that it’s the last place you would expect to find musical influences from the likes of Sublime and Steel Pulse. The warm and bright sounding Jeramiah Ferrari however, from this very locale, are working hard to bring a fusion of Roots Reggae, Rock, Punk, Ska and Calypso to the ears of the nation, and are thus far doing incredibly well.

The four-piece, currently unsigned, released their first EP ‘The Cactus Killer’ late last year, impelled by the popular and uplifting single ‘Mighty Sparrow’ and also a bold music video titled ‘Mindless Riots’, a lament on the summer riots of 2011. It conveys the band’s opinions and perspective on the events that ensued.  The initial run has long since sold out and the band have enjoyed over 100 live gigs supporting the likes of ‘The English Beat’ and ‘The Aggrolites’, as well as winning a support slot at the 2012 Key 103 Summer Ball in front of a 20 000 strong crowd.

The variety of style and influence brought to the table by each band member promises an eclectic selection of tracks, featuring an efficacious mix of sweet vocals and melodies complimented by funky baselines and beats that switch stripe with ease.

The band has just released ‘The Dubby Rock EP’, and I will be catching up with them soon for a chat and an exclusive acoustic set.

Definitely one to watch.

See more at http://jeramiahferrari.com/

Introducing Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood, filmmaker and artist, is a stellar example of the many young and talented creatives in the UK, working hard and biding their time for that big break and the attention they deserve.

First introduced to Wood by his mature, restrained and visually seductive music video for ‘Curtains’ by The Lottery Winners, I was impressed to find that this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

His repertoire includes an array of interesting and unique experiments captured through the lens. Always ‘challenged by the idea of reinventing the wheel’, Wood strives to push the overdone idea, to rethink it, to ‘rebirth’ it.

With a keen eye for subtle details, he conveys atmosphere and his ideas in a collected and elegant manner, never giving too much and always drawing the viewer deep into the narrative.

In 2010, soon after graduating, his stunning short film ‘Umbrella Girl’ won him the Best Artist’s Film category at the Exposures film festival. His work has featured in Imogen Heap’s ‘Love the Earth’ film, and his more recent short ‘Fancy Clown’ was a runner up in the Stones Throw Video Contest 2011.

Continuing to produce, and with another of his films shown at The World Bellyboard Championships in Cornwall this year, it is sure to be soon that Matthew Wood has his moment, and I for one am much anticipating a feature length production from this bright and talented filmmaker.