About Killian Reimers

Killian Reimers is currently studying BA Hons Photography at the London College of Communication. In being quite passionate about the arts as well as in discovering new creatives, she believes that this campaign will be important in exposing the true talents that derive from all over Britain.

Introducing.. Eleanor Cunningham

Eleanor Cunningham is a recent MA Fine Arts graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design as well as a fine artist working with photography and mixed media based in London.

Eleanor’s work is based upon the application of traditional and new technologies in relation to photography. As a medium that is constantly ever-changing, especially with its digital technologies, Eleanor is interested in the future and outcome of photography as a medium and art form. Her work focuses predominantly on the physicality of photography – The loss of it, as a result of recent digital culture. In creating her work, she explores how the content of her imagery determines this loss of physicality, as well as new ways in which to present it beyond the physical print.

Eleanor explains that she does not have full control in her development processes, which leaves way for mistakes and error – But she further goes on to explain that, “this element is important, as it leaves traces within the image (such as dust marks and scratches) that brings it closer and seems more real to us – as we ourselves have imperfections.” The artist’s use of manipulation, as well – whether by heat, coloured dyes, changes in emulsion or medium – transports the viewer into an alternative universe, retracing and re-analyzing objects and places in ways that were otherwise unbeknownst to them.

There is definitely something utterly moving and captivating about this artist’s work, and I don’t doubt any successes that are there for her in the near future.

To find out more about Eleanor’s work, visit her website – www.cunningart.co.uk

– Killian

(All images courtesy of Eleanor Cunningham) 

Benjamin Haywood

Benjamin Haywood is a photographer based out of London, where he is currently studying for BA Hons Photography at the London College of Communication.

Benjamin’s work is attributed to British life and culture, focusing in on remote places within Britain to gain a better understanding of them, as well as allowing the viewer to gain a better understanding of them and their presence, as well. ‘The Kensington Guide’, a book dedicated to the ‘posh’ area of Kensington in London, is an objective view on its distinctive ‘detachment’ of its surrounding London Burroughs, as well as the quiet, fleeting aura that it suggests.

Other projects include his book, ‘Little Britain’ – A look into the life of and an effort upon his part to further thoroughly understand the culture of and what essentially is, ‘British’. Benjamin follows small towns upon the West and Southwest coast primarily, attempting to wonder how and why most of these places have not been dramatically affected by other cultures in the same way that many have within the past decades.

Unlike many of his predecessors, considering the thorough approach and dynamic that Benjamin works with in creating his photographs, I have no doubt that he will continue to prosper from it, as a result. You can view Benjamin’s work collection here.  Check him out, and keep your eye on him!


(Photos Courtesy of Benjamin Haywood)

– Killian

Masha Reva

Masha Reva is a Ukrainian-born designer who migrated to the UK in 2010 to complete two short courses in Fashion Marketing and Creating New Concepts in Fashion at Central Saint Martins in London. Shortly after completing her courses, Reva created quite the buzz on in fashion industry, and has since been involved in numerous collaborations and shows.

Reva’s work is completely unique, stemming many ideas from her surroundings and being described as ‘tip-toeing between fashion and art’. Her designs are not for the conservative or for the colour-shy – You have to be bold and confident to wear something so flamboyant and artistic. Recently, Reva was asked by Kiev/London-based clothing company, Syndicate, to collaborate with on designing a limited range of sweatshirts, which are available in six different designs, called “Botanical Layers”. Reva explains the collaboration as, “A juxtaposition of immersion in the rapid pace of contemporary life, gadgets, and social networks with a yearning for our natural environment, explored as a metaphorical botanical garden of Photoshop layers and loading bars.”

This designer is definitely one to be on the lookout for, especially in early 2013. Who knows what will derive next from this talented artist!

 You can view more of Masha Reva’s work/designs on her website here, as well as her current collaboration with Syndicate here.

 (Images Courtesy of Masha Reva)

 – Killian

Chloe Newman

Chloe Newman is a London-based photographer, currently in her 2nd year on the BA Honors Photography course at London College of Communication. Previously, she has completed a Foundation in Art & Design at Camberwell College of the Arts in 2011.

Chloe’s work stems from the era of Surrealism, as well as the idea of voyeurism and the uncanny. She attributes much of her inspiration from David Lynch films, creating the same sort of ‘film-like’ aesthetic with her work. Her compositions are impeccable, as well – Another obvious attribute to her love of film. Her photographs urge the audience to really think about what’s occurring – Why are these people rid of their identities? The subjects in her photographs, despite obviously present, seem to be eerily stripped from the photograph – We’re not looking at them as people, as subjects; but rather, what they are represented as, whether it be an object of intrigue or stagnant.

The artist, despite her age and still studying at University, has exhibited widely, but in national shows and via the internet. She has also previously exhibited for the charity, ‘Art Against Knives’, gaining donations for the charity through sales of her work. She has also recently been chosen as part of the Top 10 in 1883 Magazine’s ‘Issue 7 Photography Competition’ – Seen here.

There is much to be said for this photographer, both with her innovation and style. It will be interesting to see what comes next with her projects, but I can assure you that if anything, it will not be anything that you’ll want to miss.

You can view more of Chloe’s work online here.

– Killian

(Images Courtesy of Chloe Newman)

H&H Nails

H&H Nails is a London-based collective between makeup artist Holly Silius and jewelry designer Hannah Warner. The friendly pair came up with the idea together, through Hannah’s knowledge of metals and how to work with making jewelry, to Holly’s knowledge of bold, theatrical makeup and how to size products for the body. After combining their skills and expertise in their industries, respectively, H&H Nails was born.

They’ve created quite the innovative product – Creating a re-usable manicure that also doubles as jewelry for your fingernails. Their bold designs, ranging from spikes to spiders, skulls to snakes, leaves to roses – Come in a variety of colours (gold, rose gold, silver, bronze) as well. If you’re willing to pay, they’ll even customise a pair with multi-coloured stones for you.

Their bold innovation has brought on a huge buzz within the fashion industry, from debuting on the catwalk for AW ’12/13 for Thierry Mugler, to catching the attention of high-profiles such as Rihanna and Beth Ditto, who wear the accessories.

This pair have gotten a lot of press lately, so be on the lookout for them! If you’re interested in their products, visit their website – http://www.holly-hannah.com  – for designs, sizes, and pricing.


– Killian


(Images courtesy of holly-hannah.com)

Sandra Hagelstam

The fashion industry is insanely competitive, and if you want to make it big, you need to keep up with the trends before they even hit the streets.

Sandra Hagelstam, studying at the London College of Fashion but originally hailing from Finland, is definitely playing her cards right when it comes to the industry. Her blog, 5 inch and up, is a daily look into her life of all things fashion and what she’s doing to keep up with it. She has the in’s and out’s, sneak peek’s of what’s going on behind closed doors, and is top notch when it comes to discovering creatively fresh, new designers and styles.

Besides wishing I had everything in her wardrobe, which I do – Sandra’s blog is unique in that it’s not a typical street fashion blog. Paired with her unique outlook to and style with fashion, Sandra creates statements and looks that are easily achievable, whether or not you go about it in a financially controversial way. That, I think, in itself is what makes her blog as appealing as it is.

 – Killian

(Photos courtesy of 5 inch and up – http://5inchandup.blogspot.co.uk)


Star Slinger

Star Slinger, also known as Darren Williams, is a DJ/Producer based out of Manchester.

After studying Music Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University, Darren decided to focus in on his own music, primarily remixing. He’s been remixing since 2010, but recently Darren’s talent has been getting a lot of hype – and a lot of notice.

His remixes remind me of what it must be like to be in a trance – To be coherent, but not totally conscious of what’s around you. That, I think, is what makes it so popular – It’s much different to some of the harsher, bass-y – type music that surrounds us in the music industry, especially in regards to electronic music.

When asked what makes his music so mesmerizing, and how he knows when he’s finished a song, Darren claims:

“I subscribe to the notion that less is more. Massive ass drum beats are really all you need to dance.”

Fair play.

J.M. Liberty

If, by instance, you find yourself bored or in need of something interesting to explore one weekend day, try Brick Lane market in London. In some ways much like Camden market, with that added intrigue and mystery.

This is where I happened across the artist, J.M. Liberty’s stall adorned with her quirky, eerie paintings. Originally from New York and eventually migrating over here to the U.K. to marry her British husband, Liberty now occupies Brick Lane market to sell and display her paintings.

Liberty has a distinctive style to her work, almost uniform – There’s something a bit melancholic about it, but at the same time amusing. She’s definitely an artist to look out for, and keep your eye on.

Website – www.onesugarhill.blogspot.com


– Killian



Chris Moon

The topic of dreams and the dream-like state that one can experience is a sensitive subject, especially for artists trying to depict these moments.

Chris Moon, an artist originating from East London, explores these ideas seamlessly and whole-heartedly. Upon looking at this work, Moon’s paintings are immediately reminiscent of typical photographs, from holidays and gatherings – the detail, the angles, the colours and shading. However, upon noting this, it also becomes apparent that unlike photographs, there’s something seemingly ‘wrong’ with his work – The faces of the artist’s subjects are completely blurred. This, unlike a typical photograph, allows the viewer to remain blocked off from connecting to the subject matter – Every one of them remains as strangers, as outsiders.  It can be claimed that the artist created much of his work inspired from his predecessor, Francis Bacon; After all, the similarities are definitely there. However, unlike Bacon, Moon is not just working from his memory, but from his knowledge and surroundings, as well.

LondonNewcastle Gallery in Shoreditch, East London is hosting Moon’s second solo show, Reverie, until 13th October. Be sure not to miss it!




– Killian

Juno Calypso

When first looking at Juno Calypso’s work, there is something oddly disturbing and critical about her take on femininity, portrayed through her imagined persona of a woman called ‘Joyce’. Despite how grotesque and elaborate it is, you cannot seem to take your eyes away from any of it – It stares back at you; inside of you.

Juno Calypso is a London-born artist, recently graduating from University of the Arts London with a BA Hons in Photography. She works mainly with large-format photography and moving image/video installation, usually pairing the two side-by-side in an exhibition space. This past year alone, Calypso has been the winner of both the Hotshoe Award and the Michael Wilson Photographic Prize and in 2009 she was short-listed for AOP Student Photographer of the Year. In December 2011, she held her first solo show in London, showcasing selected works. Currently, she lives in East London and is the co-founder of photography collective, Artificial Kingdom.

‘Joyce’ is a character that Calypso has been portraying and capturing for some time now. There’s a Cindy Sherman-esque aspect to her work, the idea of creating another persona and becoming that persona believable enough for your audience – In essence, living out that persona through the lens. In looking at her photographs/moving image, it seems as if there’s this un-dying and never-ending dissatisfaction with moving on from the subject – She has become (the character) Joyce. Her depictions of Joyce are somewhat ‘typical’ of femininity, but that’s what makes her subject matter so intriguing – It’s something that an average woman can relate to. The monotonous, lifeless gaze that Joyce depicts, along with her actions, makes the viewer connect with her on a basis of empathy and (quite possibly) pity. But apart from all of that – The underlying meaning of the images, the way the artist connects with the viewer – If you pay attention enough directly at the imagery, the meticulous and attentive detail to all of Calypso’s imagery is despicable. That’s definitely something to be respected for.

– Killian

 Images courtesy of Juno Calypso   – www.junocalypso.com

Introducing Michael van der Ham

The world of fashion – An incredibly difficult and competitive industry for most designers and those who are involved in it. Whether there is financial struggle or the pressure to create something new and exciting that will catch a client’s eye – It can be more than just an occupation or lifestyle; it is a cause that is fought for.

However, like any industry – if you have the motivation and what it takes to get ahead, you’ll get what you’re striving for.

Introducing NEWGEN (New Generation) – Created in 1993 by the British Fashion Council to help promote and recognise internationally exceptional talent. Since 2001, Topshop has helped sponsor this scheme, helping the production and benefit of this idea come to life. Those who are chosen to participate in this scheme are selected to present their designs on the catwalk or in an exhibition space to showcase their collections. This becomes the perfect opportunity for new and young UK-based designers to showcase their work to international press and buyers from all over the globe.

In addition, might I point out – These aren’t run-of-the-mill designers. This ‘competition’, so to speak – Besides being internationally renowned, chooses the best designers in the United Kingdom to exhibit their collections at London Fashion Week.

So, instead of showing you every one of these amazing designers, I picked one out of the bunch that I thought best represented the talent that these designers have as a whole, as well as what it means to truly be British.

Introducing…Michael Van Der Ham

You’ll recognise this designer from the Olympics Opening Ceremony – Paired with fellow Brit designer Nazir Mazhar, they created mostly all of the designs worn by the choreographers in the ceremony (Seen here). Born in the Netherlands, van der Ham migrated to the U.K. and worked his way through the fashion industry with internships at the likes of Sophia Kokosalaki and Alexander McQueen. Soon after, he graduated with an MA in Fashion at Central Saint Martins, where his graduation collection was so successful that it led him a spot in exhibiting it at London Fashion Week. He has even been nominated for the British Fashion Awards ‘Emerging Talent’ award – Definitely not a designer to be missed this season.

Not one to create subtle-styled clothing, Van Der Ham creates his designs based off of bold, colourful fabrics. As shown in his AW 12 collection, it’s all about the layering, paired with bold colours – But don’t let that fool you. Somehow, he is able to layer without appearing too gaudy and intrusive; It’s just the right move. I love how he is able to take fabrics and colours that would otherwise appear to clash and look out of place, putting them together and making sense of their differences. It’s beautiful, and definitely unique! Don’t be surprised to see this designer become BIG in the industry soon enough.

If you would like to keep up to date on Michael’s work, check out his website – http://michaelvanderham.com and his twitter for more updates – https://twitter.com/m_van_der_ham

 – Killian

(Photos courtesy of catwalking.com & londonfashionweek.co.uk)

Rising Musician: Ed Tullett

There’s something about that time of year where the end of summer is coming, it starts getting cooler outside and all you want to do is snuggle up in your comfiest jumper with a cuppa and some good tunes. I can assure you that this musician is definitely the best choice for that.

Ed Tullett is an 18-year-old musician hailing from Uckfield, East Sussex, who, at 14, after deciding to pick up a guitar and record some sounds, knew that this was what his life was going to be about. Completely inspired by the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra to Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon, and Radiohead – Tullett strove to make music that inspired and compelled him as much as his idols. After recently releasing his newest EP under Equal Vision Records, I’m sure it’s easy to see that he’s doing just that.

Now, there are very few artists out there that I know of that I am able to listen to and become transported to a different realm and mindset with so easily..Especially living in London, where everyone and everything around me is in constant motion and uproar. But in just listening to Tullett’s music and in reading his poetic lyrics, I am completely compelled. His music freezes time and overwhelms me with his thoughtful, intense poetry. You can’t beat that.

Following his November 2011 release of his ‘Never Joy’ EP, Tullett is back on the scene with his newest 7″ EP, ‘Split’. The two-song record brings about a folk-lore indie sound, with Bon Iver-esque vocals and calming soft guitars and beat-y undertones. Despite having similar vocals to Bon Iver, however, he has that edge in his voice that Iver sometimes seems to be missing. ‘Eventual Body’ is a roll-over from the ‘Never Joy’ EP, with haunting vocals and calming, spring-y guitar chords.

The EP, along with his previous ‘Never Joy’ EP, are both available for download off of Bandcamp here. If you want to keep up to date on this newcomer, check out his Facebook, Tumblr (for random spurts of his amazing poetry), or YouTube for more updates. He’s heading up the ladder fast, so keep your eyes peeled for whatever he’s got next!


– Killian

Photo Courtesy of ©Benjamin Haywood