About Killian Reimers

Killian Reimers is currently studying BA Hons Photography at the London College of Communication. In being quite passionate about the arts as well as in discovering new creatives, she believes that this campaign will be important in exposing the true talents that derive from all over Britain.

Shahane Hakobyan

Shahane Hakobyan is an image and print maker based out of London. She has recently graduated from the London College of Communication, where she obtained a BA in Graphic and Media Design Illustration.

Shahane’s work is inspired by the people and cultural situations she relates back to her travels: the processes she works in, the merging of her thoughts with her movements, as well as abstract expressionist/expressionist artists that have inspired her. She has had the experience that many don’t have from a young age – She’s moved around from Armenia to St. Petersburg to Paris and Dubai. All of her travels are what define the majority of her work.

“‘Sleep Paralysis’ is a series of images representing the artists’ own personal experience of the phenomenon, the internal struggles, the psychological strains, and the horrifying ghostly presences which roam around the time of sleep. A second series of photographs are taken using models who resemble the artist, touching upon a theory by anthropologist Michael Winkelman. Winkelman suggests that we are predisposed to see human like spirits because our minds are accustomed to perceiving the world as having qualities like ourselves. Thus the terror and fear of being trapped inside our own bodies is only explained to ourselves, in our own minds, as that of a Stranger, an outside figure, in most cases a spirit.”  These photographs represent a great emotional ordeal within the artist’s practice, expressing the core of her practice as well as what emotionally drives her, herself, within her work. The photographs twist and turn and reflect, allowing the audience to create an emotional response with the artist and to engage within her work.

To view more of Shahane’s work, visit her website here – http://cargocollective.com/shahane

Sarah Dimech

Sarah Dimech is an artist based out of London. She has recently graduated from the London College of Communication with a BA in Graphic and Media Design with a pathway in illustration.

Sarah’s work predominately revolves around found imagery and objects. The artist takes inspiration from these artifacts, using their narrative to intersect her own. In working with found imagery, the artist enjoys the physicality of them, using them as a process of engagement with objects and images that hold memory. Sarah believes in the ancient Indian idea that everything already exists, thus we cannot create or invent, but only rediscover. In following this belief, the artist uses found objects and imagery in a new context, playing with the meaning and tapping into the emotional resonances such objects evoke.

Sarah’s sketchbook is a great representation of how these ideas make way into her practice. The work is completely transformed and reconfigured – Shapes taking the forms of what once were portraits of people, precise patterns contributing to these portraits – Sarah recreates each found image as her own.

To check out more of Sarah’s work, visit her website here – http://www.svpdimech.com/

Jinzhen Liang

Jinzhen Liang is a London-based illustrator specialising in fashion illustration and textile print. Jinzhen recently graduated from the London College of Communication with a BA in Graphic and Media Design, pathway into illustration.

Jinzhen’s illustrations are haunting, yet intriguing. Inspired by the artists’ surroundings, Jinzhen creates dream-like, stoic figures wrapped around complex shapes and patterns. The artists’ passion for fashion illustration is apparent, evident in figures themselves – The artist explains, “Due to my own passion to fashion, I prefer to add fashion elements into portrait drawings to produce works that can express my feeling to the fashion world.”

To view more of Jinzhen Liang’s work, check out the artist’s website here – http://cargocollective.com/liangjinzhen

Ines Neto Dos Santos

Ines Neto Dos Santos is an artist based out of London. She has recently graduated from the BA Graphic and Media Design course with a pathway in illustration from the London College of Communication.

Ines’ work focuses deeply on physical spaces and her relationship to them – In doing so, her practice becomes a type of therapy for the artist, guiding and paving the way for her work. Despite studying a pathway into illustration on her course, Ines’ work takes other methods into her practice, as well, be they photography, video, painting, or sewing. She doesn’t allow her practice to dictate her work, but rather, her work to dictate her practice – There are no filters or rules to her work.

In her ‘Space // Movement’ series/book, the artist spent a year with four London-based dancers who collaborated with her to create this project. The artist explains that, “Space // Movement has been an almost year-long project, aiming to explore 3-D negative and positive space through movement and the body. A collaboration with four London-based dancers, Anna-Lise Marie Hearn, Kathy Richardson, Lizzie J Klotz and Yasmin Sas. The four dancers have a very particular space-body awareness, thus working with them to understand these abstract, impalpable notions was fundamental for the project. Throughout it, there was an incessant search for the physical representation of movement – through mark-making, rather than film or photography. By using drawing materials attached to their bodies, the dancers produce an image – a drawing of movement, evidence of a moment in time.”


To check out more of Ines’ work, visit her website here – http://ines-ns.com/

– Killian

Lijia Tang

Lijia Tang is an illustrator, image maker, and pattern designer based out of London. Recently, Lijia has graduated from the BA Graphic and Media Design course at the London College of Communication, with a pathway in illustration.

Lijia’s designs are very elaborate, intricate and colourful. The artist describes her work as being very influenced by her native Chinese heritage, as well as her love of animals and nature – This can be seen in her reoccurring imagery, depicting fictitious, fragmented creatures that the artist creates.

The artist has also been able to successfully transfer over her designs to a more commercial output, with the creation of her silk scarves series. These mirroring, complex designs work well with the silk fabric she chooses to print them on, creating an effortless, elegant approach.

Lijia’s ‘Kings’ series is a great example of how all of the artists’ interests and skills come together well. Based off of her interest in her Chinese heritage, this project was formed off of the kings of the Qin Dynasty in China. Using different animals to depict each king/queen of the dynasty, Lijia uses each animal and elaborate pattern to represent each figure’s history. The portraits in turn are mesmerising.
Check out more of Lijia Tang’s work here – http://cargocollective.com/lijiatang

– Killian



Ekin Balcioglu

Ekin Balcioglu is a recent graduate of Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, where she received her BA in Menswear, and where she wishes to continue on to her MA.

Despite her fashion background, Ekin has drawn and painted most of her life – She decided to study menswear at CSM in an effort to combine her interests of shape, volume, and texture within her usual every day practice of painting and water-based media. Her interests grew into blurring the boundaries between mediums, taking the solidity of fabrics and the fluidity of painting and producing what has become more fine art than fashion. However, despite this difference, Ekin has so far been awarded several prizes for her work in painting/drawing figures.

The artist’s interest in water-based media stems from the unpredictability of it – Unlike other mediums, she doesn’t have complete control over the final outcome, resulting in abstract, blurring forms. Her ‘Untitled’ ink on paper series reflects her interest in the form, specifically that of the human form, and how that, combined with the fluidity and unpredictability of the ink, can create almost anamorphic, animal-like, formless beings.


– Killian

Soo Eun Baik

Soo Eun Baik is a Korean artist living and working in both Seoul and London. She has received her BA and MA degrees in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design.

Soo Eun’s work focuses predominantly on the medium of painting – utilizing watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints to achieve her desired pieces. Following her MA course at Chelsea, Soo Eun decided to focus on and then later on stick to painting the landscape in watercolour – This stemming from her interest in the medium’s translucent, fluid consistency, relating back to her relationships between (what she refers to as) her inner and outer spaces. The landscape becomes a metaphor for integrating these inner and outer spaces in association with the finished painting’s material property.

Through an abstraction of her perspective, tone and colour, she releases a surrealistic, fantastical environment that appears if from a transient, dream world.

To see more of Soo Eun’s work, feel free to visit her website here – http://www.sooeunbaik.com/


– Killian

Tommy Ramsay

Tommy Ramsay is a recent graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design, where he received his BA in Fine Art.

At first glance, Tommy Ramsay’s work appears way too abstract to be understood straight away. However, with the right context and enough concentration, it is easy for the viewer to become almost completely immersed into the artist’s paintings. Stemmed from the idea of re-contextualizing and re-figuring every day, common spaces, Ramsay deliberately looks to combine the every day with the unrecognizable – the ‘non-places’, as the artist refers to them. The artist re-addresses these ‘non-places’ within the every day, giving them some sort of value and merit, looking to find an interpretation to them that would otherwise have been unknown before. He looks for specific details in these spaces – Rubbish, wear and tear, human interference – Anything that can become re-contextualized and brought to life in his paintings. By painting these spaces in his abstract, surrealist style, Ramsay allows the audience to delve into a place where time is slowed down, experience evolves and the space becomes a new, unrecognizable experience – Breathing new life into the painting.


– Killian



Marializa Kambi

Marializa Kambi is currently undertaking a BA in Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication.

Marializa’s work is a blend of mixed media including but not limited to painting, screen printing, typography, photography, and illustration. In using these mediums, her artwork crosses the lines between what can be considered Fine Art and Print. The artist chooses her mediums based off of the image she is trying to evoke – Typography to accent characteristics, illustrations to accent emotions..The list goes on. By not limiting herself to one specific medium or even just to one specific style within her work, Marializa continues to constantly evoke a freshness and an innovative approach to her ideas.

To see more of Marializa’s work, as well as work in progress and her inspirations, check out her blog here – http://marializakambi.tumblr.com/


– Killian

(Images courtesy of Marializa Kambi)

Geraldine Peclard

Geraldine Peclard is a Swiss artist and textile designer currently living in London.

Having just recently graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design with a BA in Textile Design, Geraldine was always drawn to vibrant prints and a creative, freely-working workflow. After beginning her degree, Geraldine became inspired by statement artists who challenged prejudices; that used social issues and taboos to create their work. She then ventured into new, intrinsic ways of expressing her passion for vibrancy, pattern and design through other mediums – Painting and illustration, for example.

Geraldine’s recent work concentrates more so on the subject of mental illness, which she claims allows her to work freely and gives her unlimited interpretations of how the structure of her work can be. Despite her gruling subjects, Geraldine finds ways of taking all of that emotion and creating beautiful imagery with them.

To view more of Geraldine’s work, visit her website, here –   http://geraldinestories.blogspot.co.uk/


– Killian

Introducing..Ana Marquis.

Ana Marquis is a recent BA Graphic Design graduate from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design based out of London.

Despite obtaining a BA Degree in Graphic Design, Ana considers herself a multi-disciplinary artist, and is also interested in illustration and animation as well as graphic design. One of her more known techniques is through her use of collage and montage, creating surreal, dada-esque imagery.

For her most recently-noted series of work, Ana gained inspiration from her dissertation research, involving multiple forms of relationships between Man and Technology. Her work became her way of deciphering all of this information needed for her dissertation, allowing her to understand these concepts more in depth. Questions such as, “How did technology come to change the way we act, think, touch, see, feel, and live?”, “How did it disconnect us from our ‘natural’ senses and natural surroundings?”, “How did it bring us a brand new technological world where we can have a disembodied existence, where we can connect with other cyber beings from all around the corners of the world?” – She answered these complex questions through her artwork.

To find out more about Ana’s work, feel free to visit her Website, here. 

– Killian

(All imagery courtesy of Ana Marquis)

Introducing..Ximena Escobar.

Ximena Escobar is a left-handed illustrator and wallpaper-pattern designer based out of London. She has acquired two MA Degrees, one in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art and Design in 2012, and one in Design for Textile Futures from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2005.

Ximena’s work is derived from her inspirations that deal with the relationships between women and nature, as well as the notion of ‘the Shaman woman’ – or someone who is able to reach a altered states of consciousness, allowing them to encounter and interact with the spirit world. Her ‘Blooming’ series, which are made from homemade illustrations and fabric collage, involve portraits of individual women and flowers or animals. The artist’s use of collage aids in creating a three-dimensional, layered object, helping to bring her portraits to life. Her use of colour is extraordinary, complimenting each other and catching the viewer’s eye.

To find out more about Ximena’s work, as well as keep up to date on any future showcasings of the artists’ work, visit her Website here, or follow her on Twitter, here.

– Killian

(All imagery courtesy of Ximena Escobar)