About Katie House

Hi I’m Katie, and I’m a final year Advertising student at Huddersfield University. I’m a huge lover of all things Design related, but I’m also passionate about music and literature. I love getting out there, getting stuck in and seeing what more I can learn in the world of creativity and music. I’m a very passionate and dedicated person, with a love of communication design. When I’m not blogging for Gola or at University, I intern for a brand design agency, as well as write my own personal blog and often work freelance. I’m always up for a challenge and excited to try anything new. I was involved with the 2012 Born in Britain Gola campaign, so I’m thrilled to be back working with the team for 2013. I’m excited to get started and to see what talent I can uncover. Its been a great experience, and the blog has featured some amazing people, so who knows what 2013 will bring.

Savvy & Saving Grace Music

While I was enjoying some great art at the Zetland, I was lucky enough to bump into a fantastic recording artist, turned producer and now record label owner, Savvy. There are so many up and coming artists and musicians out there today, so it’s always awesome to chat with someone who has such raw talent, and is really showing the world what he’s got. With his own music racking up hits on YouTube, and his record label working with every genre from Folk to Grime and everything in between, you’re bound to love him just as much as I did.

Here’s what he has to say…

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your music?
My name is Savvy, some people also may know me as Asaviour, I’m a producer & recording artist from Huddersfield and I’ve worked with a range of artists like: T.E.E.D, DJ Q, Stac, Athlete, Jehst, andDJ IQ to name a few. I’ve released 3 mix tapes as part of the a Play To Win series and have couple of albums out, one called The borrowed Ladder and another called The A Loop Theory. I’m currently working on a new album title to be conformed.

The Gola campaign is called “Born in Britain” are there any British artists that inspire you today?

Thats a long list erm……Mr Scruff, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, The Clash, The Who, T.E.E.D, The Stone Roses, The Cure, Dizzee Rascal, Kate Bush, The Specials, Amy Whinehouse, Happy Mondays, Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz), M.I.A, Joy Division, Queen, New Order, The Beatles, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Basement Jaxx, erm, erm The Streets, Roots Manuva, Labrinth, Calvin Harris,  Emeli Sandé, La Roux…I can literally go on and on and on……
You’ve also been busy working on your own record label “Saving Grace Music” Tell us about the label?

Erm… I guess it was just natural progression for me I stared featuring on peoples records, then got the chance to release my own records via labels then moved onto releasing my own records via my own label. I guess the aim is to give other artists & my self a platform to put out quality music whatever the genre. I stared the imprint in I guess 2007-8 firstly with mix tapes (Play to Win series) then moving onto singles & albums.

What projects and releases can our readers look out from you in the future?

Well I just released a free track from my recently released mix tape Play to Win vol.3 its called Adapt or Die (The Remix) it’s only free for a limited time so grab it while you can. http://soundcloud.com/savvy/savvy-adapt-or-die-remix

The second track is a forthcoming single from an artist I’ve worked with on my last album the A Loop Theory my collaboration album with DJ IQ ( Professor Green’s Tour DJ) has call Pride and it features a singer song writer called Stac, The track is called The Right Idea and features remixes from DJ Q, The Whiteboys, Noji & XLII. take a listen > http://soundcloud.com/saving-grace-music/pride-the-right-idea-ep

And last but not least we have a new artist to the label called Ben Hoo, Hes a singer, songwriter, guitarist, rapper, drummer generally and all round talented guy, he has a single due called Failing its amazing but hey I’m biased.

And I guess my new album, sorry I can’t tell you the title at the moment but I’m aiming to have that out later in the new year, I’m real happy with it so far.

 Finally, anything else you’re dying to tell us?
I’m also currently rehearsing with my new band for when we tour the new album its coming together nicely, we got a few special dates planned to make sure you follow me on twitter via @iam_savvy to find out when & where as i’ll be coming to a town near you soon!!




Well guys I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can find Savvy online on many platforms, so check out the links below and make sure you’re the first to hear about all the latest news and new releases. Follow him and Saving Grace Music on their journey to bring us the best music has to offer. Don’t be left behind…

Twitter: @iam-savvy
Saving Grace Music
Web: saving-grace.co.uk
Until next time guys!

Emma Donnelly – Illustrator Extraordinaire

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Emma Donnelly, a Huddersfield based Illustrator who has turned her hand at business with her designs now available for purchase. With a quirky, and charmingly honest style of illustration, it’s a guarantee you’ll find a little piece of yourself somewhere in her work. I caught up with Emma to find out more…

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work

I’m a fat lady, in love with comics, illustration, dogs and feminism. Currently completing my penultimate year studying Illustration at The University of Huddersfield while trying to navigate my way through the big bad world of freelance.

What are your goals for the next few years?

I’m looking forward to pushing my work to contain more of a political theme. I want to get heavily involved in promoting the feminist ideals of loving yourself, challenging what the media portrays on how to be a person and helping those in dire situations to get educated and get out there. Other than that, I’d just like to keep on making people smile with my illustrations, to get comics published and just to keep doing what I love doing best.

The Gola campaign is called Born in Britain. Who or what inspires you in Britain today?

If I’m being entirely honest, I really just love being British. After everything that’s gone on during 2012 I cant help feel a sense of national pride. There is so much going on in this country and I feel privileged to be a part of something so great. I guess that’s what inspires me really. It pushes me to work creatively to eventually be part of something this great.

Do you have any advice for illustrators just starting out?

Aha I feel like I’m just starting out myself really, but all I can really suggest is just make art, meet people of a like mind and make more art. Your style will develop, you’ll find out how to make something you’re happy with and more than likely find people that like what you do too. Make sure you illustrate for yourself, because at the end of the day its personal to you and its what will define you from others.

Do you have any projects coming up that our readers can look out for?

Well it may be cutting it fine a little, but I’m exhibiting at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds (New Dock Hall) on the 17th and 18th of November with two other fabulous artists. We’re selling a whole range of things, including the first 25 copies of my (first ever!!!) comic Shibutaro and the Frog.

Finally, anything else you’re dying to tell us?

That you, Katie House, are a fabulous person and that you’re doing a great job!


Well as a self confessed fan of Emma’s work, and an owner of her beautiful designs I hope you guys like her just as much as I do. Check her out now via tumblr or twitter to be the first to know of her new designs and where you can get your hands on them. You’d be mad to miss out!

Twitter: @EmmaInky

Tumblr: emmainky.tumblr.com

Web: emmainkyillustration.net 

Just because I like to spoil you guys, you can also find Emma at the Gola Creative Takeover THIS FRIDAY (23rd November) So head over if you’re in the area.

Until next time


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Art, Music & Beer, at The Zetland

So, as Thursday evening rolled around, I was very happy to push my Uni work to one side and head down to The Zetland bar in Huddersfield. With friends in tow, and Gola Creative Takeover flyers in hand we readied ourselves for a night of live art installations, great music and products by some of the areas best young entrepreneurs. 

Needless to say the evening didn’t disappoint. The Rag and Bone collective provided fantastic entertainment, and the presence of tabletops that we could draw on went down a treat as we chatted, drank and listened to music. Everyone seemed to find his or her inner illustrator! Joining the lads there was a great stall by West Yorkshire Cameras, and as always they were nice enough to give me some much needed camera advice (I’m such a beginner!) As well as this there were heaps of other musicians and stalls, turning the Zetland into a creative feast, with everything from original artwork to vintage clothing.

It’s amazing to see so many creative’s coming together, and it really opens your eyes as to how much talent can be hiding in your local area. Why not take some time to discover what your town has to offer?

Although it’s only a short one from me today I’ve been busy working on some other interviews with some fantastic guys and girls, so keep checking back for more great stuff! Until then, enjoy your week and don’t forget to check out our Creative Takeover inManchesteron Friday 23rd November if you’re going to be in the area. Free entry, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing night. You ‘ain’t seen nothing yet!

Click here to learn more about the Creative Takeover

Speak to you soon guys!


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Kinetic aka Ben Efficial

Afternoon everyone, how are we all doing today? 

I’ve recently been on a bit of a design blogging binge, and although I’ve been loving it, It’s fantastic to be here writing about an amazing rapper from north London.

If passion and dedication are anything to go by, Ben Hains (or Kinetic) is up there with the best young recording artists. He’s incredibly talented and has been writing since he was 10, and recording since he was 12, after saving up his birthday money to pay for a recording session. Now 14 years old, he is well and truly taking over, with the help of his producers at The Next Room.

He may only be 14, but this young lad hasn’t stopped! He’s been working hard to bring you the best he has, and has already played at the Stratford Theatre, released a number of viral videos and has been working on his album. Wow, it’s easy to forget his age when he shows the dedication of a long running professional. But what’s next for Kinetic? Well after a few years of hard work he’s ready to make his mark and take the music industry by storm. Will you be there to see him take off? Here’s what he had to say…

“Hi I’m“Ben Efficial aka Kinetic, 14year old rapper song writer  musician from North London. My main passion is true hip hop. For a while now I’ve been hearing meaningless lyrics; whether its in the charts or deep in the underground of rap. I hope to be someone that’s bringing real content back to life. Some of my songs are cheerful some are more heart felt, and some are just me bigging myself up in hilarious ways. I have always been very open minded to different genres of music such as rock, rap, pop, reggae, dubstep, drum and bass, grime ect. Now 14. I started writing my own rap lyrics at just 10 years old just for a laugh, since then I can’t get enough of it. My interest in different musical sounds has inspired me to take my lyrics and style further. I’ve been working with “The Next Room” productions who are helping me to develop my sound further, and also influenced me to write melodic choruses. Join me as I continue to bring you raw to the core banging tunes!”

With so many artists out there today, it’s incredibly admirable for someone to put in the real time and effort it takes, just for the love of music. If you like what you’re reading, or you just want to try some fresh new music then look no further, and head over to one of Kinetics pages, where you can get to know more about him…



If you want to see more fantastic artists, on the brink of breakthrough why don’t you check out The Next Room Studios in North London, or send them a message if you’re an artist looking for guidance, and production.



I hope you enjoyed that, and if you did, remenber the name Ben Efficial. This won’t be the last we hear of him!

Until next time guys.


Lucas Jubb

Evening all,

This week I bumped into the lovely and very talented Huddersfield designer Lucas Jubb. While completing his degree, Lucas has also established himself as a regular in local the art and design scene, with his work appearing everywhere from bars, magazines to skateboards. This is definitely one individual with a passion for design and the dedication to make sure he won’t be another young designer lost in the crowd! His style is incredibly crisp and charismatic, whilst just being plain likeable. With an eye for detail beyond his years, I was excited to ask him some questions…


-Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am a freelance designer. Currently taking a year out of uni to work full time freelance at Base Studio, Huddersfield.

-During your career so far, you’ve achieved an impressive client base. What has been your proudest moment so far?

haha I wouldn’t say it’s all that impressive. However I do try my best to do as much work as possible, I enjoy doing what I do so it’s always a bonus when people ask me to work for them. I am at a stage now where more and more of my designs are going into print.

My proudest moment so far will have been my first editorial design in RWD Magazine. It was great to see my work in a magazine that is distributed nationwide! I have since done another editorial for the same magazine, which I am much prouder of, as I felt the design was much better.

 -What would be your goals for the next few years?

I want to develop my style and push it to a much more creative place, which is something I am constantly doing anyway. It would be good to work for some big named clients and be featured in more magazines, and blogs. I would also like to save tuna from extinction.

-What do you think of the art/design scene in Britain today?

If I was honest I don’t know much about the art scene in Britain on a whole. However if West Yorkshire is anything to go off, then it is booming! I work with some very creative people who have some amazing achievements and huge worldwide clients under their belt, so it’s good to work with people who have something I can aim for.

Also I notice that people are getting better and better at things at a much younger age, so even though I am only 20 I find myself having to compete with people much younger than me to be creative and get the jobs. It’s all healthy though.


Having achieved so much in a short space of time Lucas is definitely a talent to watch for the future. With an impressive portfolio I suggest you get yourself over to his website to see more from him and really get a feel for what he’s about. Why not leave your thoughts and questions below? We always love hearing from you guys!
Website: lucasjubb.co.uk
As with every post I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it! Until next time guys…

Damon Stead

With a sharp and quirky graphic style, Damon Stead is one designer who is able to create contemporary and commercial pieces, whilst still being able to switch to an energetic humorous style when he’s working on more personal pieces. His style is both refined and diverse making him a very interesting talent to watch for the next few years. When he’s not studying or working on personal projects, Damon is also one half of the infamous Huddersfield duo Rag and Bone collective, who I interviewed previously. To read more about Rag and Bone click here. I caught up with Damon recently to try and get behind his work and learn more about his inspirations and hopes for the future…


-Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I’m originally from Blackpool, and for the most part of my education studied fine art, it was only during my foundation year that decided to take graphic design onto degree level. I’ve always enjoyed doing paintings, and because of all this I feel a lot of my work is influenced by my fine art background. Recently I have enjoyed experimenting with more of a grunge style, taking influence from the punk movement.

 –What are your goals for the next few years, when it comes to your work?

I would like to become an established freelance designer. It has always been my aim to make money from what I enjoy doing, so my goal has always been to make a living from design.

 –Are there any other illustrators or artists that inspire you?

 An artist I quite like at the moment is Mark Jenkins. He does a lot of street art, but not very conventional stuff. He creates outdoor instillations using human dummies, they are often funny, and I like the idea of creating something that people wouldn’t usually see but leaves them with a smile on their face.

 –Are there any upcoming projects our readers look out for from you in the near future?

In the near future I am hoping to do some large-scale wall paintings. I have never tried something on that scale before, and its been something i’ve wanted to do for a while. Along with this, Rag and Bone Collective are starting monthly live art nights, with interactive art, market stalls and local artists and designers creative live art.


If you are head over heals for Damon’s design work then head over to facebook to check him out. With so much planned for the next few months you’ll be crazy not to hit him up and be the first the find out all the latest news.

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you’re loving about design at the moment, and what you think of Damon.

Until next time guys!


Lawrence Cox

Evening all! It feels like far too long doesn’t it? Well I haven’t been slacking I swear. This week I got chatting with a fantastic Graphic Design student come freelancer, based in Winchester. Lawrence’s work is both edgy and graphic whilst being effortlessly conceptual and thought provoking. What I love about his work is that it could just as easily fit in, hanging on the wall of an art gallery, or printed across your t shirt. This intellectual versatility is rare in graphic designers today, and I think it’s a quality we should admire. Here’s what he had to say:


-Tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am an enthusiastic Graphic Designer that loves to work in all kinds of mediums. Currently I am in my third year at Southampton University, Winchester school of Art, on the Graphic Arts program. I feel when design is done properly it opens a line of inquiry in the mind of the viewer. It’s about creating visual clues or stepping-stones to provoke an emotional response to reinforce the message behind the work and ensure it sticks in the viewers mind. In my own work I try to challenge what people see and how they see it.

About my work: Whilst documenting my brothers tuning garage I noticed that the language used was Alien to me. It was like a foreign language that went straight over my head. This made me feel naïve and confused. So I decided to replicate these emotional responses into my work. Trying to make the audience say, ‘what is this all about?’

Having the authentic materials smells, paper and language from the tuning garage allowed for this user interaction. The outcome was not only intriguing but opened up questions. Some people went up close and smelt the oil that was printed. Being this close to my work lets the viewer see the small flies that were accidently added in the screen-printing process.

-Where do you hope to see yourself in the next few years?

Hopefully if all goes well, I would love to be a design creative in London. I would love to live and work in London for the buzz and also for the immense amount of design that it contains.

-The gola campaign is called Born in Britain. Who or what inspires you, in Britain today?

‘It’s Nice That” is an awesome publication that gives lesser-known artist/designers the chance to get they’re work publicised. It shows a varied diversity of design, which helps me keep up to date.
Sounds “cheesy” but I feel my mates inspire me. Being with and around design-focused individuals really helps me to stay focused. Plus I love collaborations, as ideas can develop at a much quicker rate.

-Do you have any work coming up that our readers can look out for, if they want to see more from you?

As I am in my last year of Uni, the answer is yes as projects will be flying at me. Independently I am currently in negotiations with a clothing company to design them a catalogue and posters.


With future design work in the pipeline and a fantastic blog, all before his graduation, I think it won’t be long before we see more from this Designer. Head over to his tumblr now to see more of his work and get in touch.

Well I hope you enjoyed that, with so many graphic designers ou there today, it’s great to get to know more about those that really are talented. Don’t hestitate to check out more of lawrence’s work if you thought the same.

Tumblr: lawrenceagcox.tumblr.com

Until next time!


Rose Blake

Hi Everyone,

This week I caught up with the very talented London based illustrator Rose Blake, to find out more about her work. With illustration being such a competitive industry, it is all the more impressive to see someone so young, having already achieved such a lot. Rose won a D+AD Best New Blood Award in 2009, and completed her MA in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art in 2011. As if that isn’t enough, Rose has built up an impressive cliental, including the likes of bbc.co.uk, asos.com, the times and google. Being the daughter of world famous artist Sir Peter Blake may leave many feeling over shadowed, but not Rose. She’s carved out a name for herself, and is currently standing strong in the world of illustration. A name I think we’ll all be hearing a lot more of. Here’s what she had to say:


Could you tell me a little bit about yourself and your work?

I am an illustrator based in London. I also run the music site www.studiomusic.fm and work with the collective This Is It.

How would you describe your creative/illustrative style?

Colourful, bright, graphic, fun.

You’ve had some fantastic achievements already in your career, where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

 Oh god, I suppose I just want to be a lot busier doing a lot more diverse projects. Hopefully I will have a dog too.

The Gola campaign is called ‘Born in Britain’ Who are what in British culture today inspire you and your work?


Do you ever feel pressure following on from your father’s amazing legacy in fine art?

No, I think that’s a pressure very much created by other people. My dad is very supportive and it’s never really been an issue with me. I think other people tend to think about it a lot more than I do.

You’ve worked with ASOS in the past, and you also design and sell t-shirts on your website. Would you hope to move more into fashion in the future? 

Yes, I’d really like to work a lot more with print and pattern, if there are any designers out there that want to collaborate!

What would your biggest piece of advice be for any aspiring illustrators out there?

To be honest it’s an incredibly hard and competitive industry. I would say to keep pushing your personal work, read a lot, talk to interesting people, remember to eat well and just keep going!

 Finally, are there any projects you currently have on the go, that our readers can look out for in the future?

Keep checking Studio Music as every week we add two new playlists. Also I regularly update little paintings at playlist-painting.tumblr.com


With such a bright and dynamic style, I’m sure you’ll love Rose’s work just as much as I do. It’s always refreshing to speak to someone very talented, but still very down to earth and a complete pleasure to interview! I hope you guys enjoyed this. Let me know what you think in the comments below and I’ll be back soon ! Until then why not check Rose’s website for the latest news of her work, and to also buy exclusive t-shirt designs featuring some of her best illustrations. You lucky folks!


Street Spirit Gig at bar 1:22

Hi Everyone,

This week I thought I’d mix it up a bit. Rather than do an interview I decided to attend a gig and live art show in my town. This was the debut evening for what has now become a regular gig at bar 1:22 in Huddersfield, titled “Street Spirit”. All the bands that played were local and incredibly talented, as well as there being work from a few local artists. I have to say I had a great night at 1:22 and was so impressed by the bands that played. Not only was the music just plain fantastic, but the energy shown on stage really blew me away.

Four bands performed; Penguin, No Trays No Foxes, ILoveColour, and Dan Thompson. All of which I defininately reccomend you check out, and if you’re in the area, 1:22 will be putting on another Street Spirit night on Wednesday 3rd October. You can find more details here.

There was also live art by Rag and Bone Collective which didn’t disappoint, as usual! And a stall set up by West Yorkshire Cameras. The guys at WY cameras were very patient in showing me the best settings for my camera under the clubs atmospheric lights (I’m quite the camera novice!) So thank you very much to them, and if you’re interested in buying, selling or repairing you’re camera (vintage or modern) or you’re just in need of some advice then check them out. Both the lads, Tom and Nick, who run the store are also photographers themselves and you can find their photography work here if you fancy a look: Tom Horton. Nick Parker.

I feel like going out into your local area and uncovering some amazing British talent is what Born in Britain is all about, so this week I would like to challenge anyone reading this to do just that! Go out and find some local art or music events, even if you’re not sure you’ll like the style of music give it a go, you might surprise yourself. Feel free to comment below with news on events you attended, i’d love to hear how you got on.

I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did! For loads more photos from the evening head over to my blog here.


Chasing Cadence

Evening everyone! Recently I was lucky enough to interview a fantastic up and coming band from Hertfordshire called Chasing Cadence. I’ve been following these guys on Facebook and Youtube for a while now, and I have to say I am a genuine fan. I think their style of music is a fresh take on rock, with clear influences from other genres, making it likeable and popular, whilst still having a great edge. Because I think they’re just great, I filmed an interview with them so you can all get to know them a little better too! I hope you enjoy it.

Despite only having three of their members available for the interview, the guys were very sweet and happy to participate. Even when I cheekily asked if there was any chance of them playing a few songs for me to film they happily agreed, despite both their bassist and drummer being caught off guard with no instruments. So, in the video you’ll be able to see a fantastic clip of Jack the lead singer covering Jessie J’s ‘Domino’; a song the band have also covered in more detail (and with more members) on their Youtube channel, along with other acoustic tracks.

In general I just think in today’s music world its refreshing to see a young band holding down full time jobs as well as touring, writing and recording their own music, all of which is so catchy, and well written (I’ve had their song Accidents will happen on repeat for a few days now!) As well as this they are all so passionate which is clear in the interview, and with them all putting 100% into each show, you’re guaranteed a great night out if you’re lucky enough to attend.

The world will be seeing a whole lot more of Chasing Cadence I’m sure. Therefore, my advice is follow, like and tweet them now to be the first to know of all their upcoming tours, releases and videos. You won’t be disappointed! Also, look out for another Chasing Cadence blog post coming up on my personal blog here, featuring a video of the bloopers and outtakes from the interview (trust me there were some crackers!)

Anyway, that is all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed this! Check out the links below to read more about the band, go on you can thank me later!


Chasing Cadence Youtube

Chasing Cadence Twitter

Chasing Cadence Facebook



Rag and Bone Collective: Art not as you know it.

The Rag and Bone Collective are a new breed of creatives from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Run by two friends, Lucas Jubb and Damon Stead, Rag and Bone has taken the town by storm in it’s short lifetime. Constantly exploring and creating, Rag and Bone has become a base for street art, live events, fashion, music, film, and the list goes on. What don’t they do? Well so far their creativity seems to know no bounds. I was eager to chat to the lads and find out what’s next for Rag and Bone, and here’s how I got on…


Can you tell me a little bit about yourself, and your work? 

-We are Rag and Bone Collective


You’ve pushed yourselves with a number of challenging projects in the past, what project/artwork has been the most challenging and why?

– The hardest thing for us at the moment is always funding and finances for the ideas we have. We also don’t have transport so it can be hard 6ft by 8ft drawing boards from place to place for projects. We don’t seem to struggle coming up with ideas, it’s just making them happen that’s hardest.

How do you find time to balance working for the Rag and Bone Collective, with finishing your degree? 

– We are currently on a gap year so all of our of time is currently spent working on Rag and Bone. However, whilst we were at uni we spent all of our spare time away from the course working on it.

You’ve collaborated with other creatives/stores in the past. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

– Dead – Keith Haring. He was way ahead of this time, and still very successful with that he did. Alive –

Gola’s campaign is called ‘Born in Britain’. Who or what in British culture today, inspires you in your creative work?

– There are a lot of independent clothing companies we’d like to work with. We like people who put hard work in and be original. It’s very easier for independent clothing companies to copycat some of the big American labels now, so would good to work with a British company who stick to their heritage.

You’ve experimented with many different disciplines throughout your time at Rag and Bone what creative field would you most hope to work in, in the future?

– We plan on having a recognizable series of live art event that we could possibly take around the country. We also plan on launching a clothing label.

Is there any advice you could give for other creative students looking to start their own collectives or businesses?

– Just spend as much time on it as you can. Be creative as often as possible.

What future projects has Rag and Bone got up its sleeve for our readers to keep an eye out for?

– We are about to launch a clothing range and also our own monthly live art night.

Finally, anything else you’d like to say to our readers? 

– Tuna is well over priced. Even when it’s half price it’s still like £1 a can. However to be fair in like three years time they do say that the Bluefin tuna will be extinct. So in all fairness you should probably try eating some form of different fish.


Like what you’re reading? Then head over to the Rag and Bone Facebook page or their Website where you can be the first to know of any news, releases and upcoming projects. With a clothing range ready to launch, and other projects in the pipeline, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys.

Well I hope you enjoyed that, I certainly did. If you’ve got any questions for Lucas and Damon then you can reach them here or via the Rag and Bone Facebook page.

Speak to you soon!