About John Bingham

Born in 1989. London based contemporary artist specialising in painting, drawing, sculpture & installation. Currently studying at City & Guilds of London Art School.

Lorenzo Belenguer: Drawings

Lorenzo Belenguer’s work straddles the realms of sculpture, painting and drawing. In one area of his practice, he transforms metal objects into sculptures that evolve from the visual rhetoric of Minimalism and double as ‘canvases’.

Belenguer is like a hunter who trawls the city for found objects, sometimes sourced as locally as the back garden of the studios’ church. The work is then dictated by his discoveries, which include steel grids, a mattress reduced to its mesh of springs, and blacksmiths’ tools. These he reads as masculine objects. He intervenes with these structures by oxidising the metal elements in salt water or acids and dabbing them with paint of primary colours. This transforms how the objects are read, emphasising the points at which layers of meaning converge. For example, the artist paints the cone of an old anvil a vivid yellow, thereby morphing it into phallic form. In “Homage to Pollock” a spring mattress becomes a three-dimensional, and strangely fluid, abstract canvas.

Belenguer’s work also encompasses drawing, which he interprets as the more “feminine” side of his practice. For an installation he made at the Florence Trust, he drew repeated simple portraits of a female face, which he distressed by placing the sheets of paper into water contaminated with rusted iron. These drawings fill the walls of a niche space he has built, no bigger than a telephone kiosk, from floor to ceiling. A layer of chicken wire covers them, so the niche resembles a cage, perhaps a prison cell. Alongside the niche, a metal basket holds a stack of additional, still-to-be-used, drawings.

The artist describes his female figure as a generic everywoman wearing a head covering. She might be read as being Muslim or the Virgin Mary, as a woman of the Renaissance, the Victorian age or of post-war Britain. Belenguer says she is emblematic of society’s increasingly conservative, and coercive, policies toward women.

These drawings were selected for a group show at the Tate Modern in May 2010.



Toni Gallagher: The Gluttonous Lady That Swallowed The Fly

For many years Artist Toni Gallagher has pondered the back story of The Old Lady That Swallowed a fly and her curious eating habits, why did she swallow the fly? who was she ? and how exactly do you swallow a cow whole?

The Gluttonous lady that swallowed a fly is the first in a series of shows inspired by the seven deadly sins. This inaugural exhibition explores Gluttony via a collection of mixed media , photographic xrays and sculptures refering to the eponymous lady. A percentage of sales from the show are going to the charity Leuka, a charity that raises funds to support life- saving research into the causes and treatment of leukaemia and other blood disorders.
Toni Gallagher has had work exhibited at Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill, an ice sculpture on the Fourth Plinth in London and more recently a showing of her ‘synchronised swimming blowups’ on Charlotte Street in West London. Her new ‘The Gluttonous Lady That Swallowed The Fly’ Exhibition runs from the 9th – 22nd November 2012.


The Horse Hospital,
Colonnade, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 1JD





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Ben Levy: The New Kind Of Portrait Artist

Ben Levy is a portrait artist from North London. His work is detailed portraiture with a modern street art twist. His last exhibition Fashionable Disaster conveyed everyday issues that have become fashionable through the press. He captured racial, political, sexual & suicidal topics in a comic like scenario. Famous faces include: John Galliano, the Kray twins, Alexander McQueen & Amy Winehouse.

I met Ben at The Other Art Fair on the Southbank in 2011, he’s gone on to create work for the brand TOMS during the fair and customising some of their new eyewear range for an auction in collaboration with the Debut Contemporary Art School Awards 2012. He’s previously exhibited at the Strand Gallery in London. He is currently represented by Debut Contemporary Gallery in Notting Hill.

See his website and contact him here

Tinsel Edwards

Driven by a romantic notion that art can change the world, Tinsel’s work comments on a wide variety of contemporary social and political issues. Often using text, her paintings are littered with action statements, personal mottos, questions and anecdotes. Characteristically anti-establishment, the work can be executed with a tongue in cheek style humor, or with emotion and subtlety. With an overtly honest and personal approach Tinsel creates works to confront us with heartfelt opinions and thoughts on the world around her.

Tinsel says she is interested in making paintings about contemporary culture & political issues. Her work is social commentary from a personal and humble viewpoint. Themes include wealth divide, consumerism & the art establishment. She has exhibited at Pure Evil gallery and the dragon bar in London. Other work has been included in group shows across Europe including Berlin, Hamburg & Munich. World famous street artist Banksy chose her work for the infamous ‘Santa’s Ghetto’ group show.

Tinsel’s curatorial projects include ‘Punk’; a large-scale group show which toured to Hamburg and ‘Here Today’, an all female exhibition co-curated with friend and art collaborator Twinkle Troughton. Tinsel opened the doors of her new gallery this year. A-side B-side is based in hackney and shows the work of new and emerging artists.

Agnetha Sjögren Lets The Dogs Out

London based Swedish designer Agnetha Sjögren has been creating one-off art dog sculptures for the past few years. They have received extensive coverage from fashion and home fashion magazines in the UK and Europe to design week, as well as being shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Show.

“I started creating my art dogs after everybody telling me that their dog was ‘nice’. I’m afraid of most dogs and wanted to show the world what a nice dog is. My dogs don’t need to be fed, watered or walked”.

The dogs come with signed authentication by the artist, dog collar and name tag. They also come with a personalised mini passport. Limited edition prints of 25 have also been created for a small number of sculptures. Agnetha is currently working on a series of recycled chairs called ‘sit’ and a series of flag wall hangings.




Wayne Mok’s Abstract Exploration

Introducing contemporary abstract artist Wayne Mok- Born in Hong Kong brought up in London from the age of 13 and educated in the US completing his Art degree at the California College of The Arts in San Francisco. Since graduating Mok has worked as a curator before transitioning to life as an artist. Mok now spends his time between Londonand the USA.

He works in short series of acrylic paintings to explore the beauty, spontaneity and power of repetition, drawing on the philosophical history of his Chinese heritage and the western influences of his time spent in the city of London. His work is more of a series of explorations, not an attempt at perfection or a finite result. Pleasure, possession, fulfillment and beauty are all themes within his work.

Wayne has exhibited in London and the US, including the South London Gallery, The Tabernacle Gallery and more recently the hugely successful The Other Art Fair at Ambika P3 in West London.