About Jade Lambourne

Hi, I’m Jade, a southern creative type studying Fashion Marketing & Management in the buzzing and bright city of Manchester. Being part of ‘Born in Britain’ is going to be a great way of sharing my thoughts and new discoveries in the worlds of fashion, art, film and music with you.

Markus Lupfer

When attending London Fashion Week recently one of the shows that stood out to me was the Markus Lupfer presentation! If you haven’t heard of him, you may recognise his infamous sequined printed jumpers selling on sites like Net A Porter and ASOS.

Instead of having an actual catwalk show he opted for a presentation where the SS14 collection was shown through a select group of models surrounded by a teenage girls bedroom backdrop. The whole vibe of this collection was trying to encapture that 90s MTV generation and with that created a luxury looking collection appealing to the packed room!

There were rich silks, printed floral graphics and lots of sequined motifs!

The press release made it clear that he was trying to channel this quirky girly theme, think Daria crossed with cult chick flick Mean Girls! In my opinion everything about the collection was perfect and the embellished ‘Loser’ t-shirt is now a must have and would look great with a pair of Gola x Liberty sneaks!


I first started noticing this brand a few years ago when watching the now super famous Rizzle Kicks. Represent Clothing was founded in Manchester in 2011 by a young university student and has been growing ever since.  The latest lookbook is crazy good, with tropical prints, tie dye and it being fronted by Mik ill Pane and the Rizzle Kicks duo, Jordan & Harley.

With the use of social media and the Rizzle Kicks boys regularly fronting the brand, they have gone strength to strength and now have many adoring fans waiting for the newest products to be dropped.

So Represent has collaborated with the popular brand Hype clothing, can count Mac Miller and Rizzle Kicks as fans and have massive plans for the future. A brand that is only a few years old and already a firm favourite in the independent streetwear market. For me all I know is that this brand is only going to get bigger and that I also really need a Represent jumper in my life.

Check out the latest looks at www.representclothing.co.uk

Follow on Twitter @RepresentClo

Educate Elevate

When getting in contact with Educate Elevate’s team, (the founders: Suzan, Faith & Nic) I soon started to realise how much the film ‘Do the Right Thing’ had influenced the style and ethos of the brand. So I felt in order to really understand their message, I better watch this Spike Lee film.

After watching it, I got it. I get the positive message they are trying to create and the same message that the fashion market seem to have forgotten. The brand is all about creating something unique and bringing a new twist to the industry.We love the late 80′s, early 90′s era and the positivity that surrounds it. It’s this positive mindset that influenced us to create this brand”. 

They even show these positive vibes through their motto ‘EDUCATE THE MIND, ELEVATE THE GRIND’, meaning the more you educate yourself about the world and your surroundings, the more chance you have in becoming successful and moving up in the world. “We’re not just preaching about world issues and politics, (though it’s cool if you care about that!) We’re talking CULTURE. Learning about other cultures & embracing our differences will influence and inspire you. You can’t educate the majority with the mind of the minority!!!”.

Launching in only August 2012, Educate Elevate has created quite the buzz, especially in the blogging world. The great thing about EE is that the brand is really trying to speak and represent the current youth market. We wanted to be informing young people about other cultures and how to better themselves whilst spreading our ethos – we want to make them feel like they are a part of a positive movement when they wear our clothes”.

As a 90’s kid and fan myself, Educate Elevate speaks to me a lot more than other similar brands. I have been a huge fan and been blogging about them for a while. I thought they would be a great talent to share through the ‘Born in Britain’ project because they are influenced by music, film and art and make sure that they encompass that within Educate Elevate.

The team are currently working on their top secret A/W collection, where they will be manufacturing their own garments for the first time, not just t-shirts and sweaters. They have lots of plans to keep the business growing through the great blogger support and supporting young people and charities close to their hearts. To everyone who has supported us, especially the people who have backed us from the start, we’re doing this for you!”. 

So check out their site www.educateelevate.com and remember EDUCATE THE MIND, ELEVATE THE GRIND.

Mary Benson

Mary Benson is a young fashion designer from the Northern city of Leeds. This creative 22 year old produces some of the most amazing and forward thinking designs I have seen in a long time! Before creating the ‘Mary Benson’ brand in 2010, she had already gained a huge list of experience within the industry that has helped her on her path.

Her past experience included opening a pop-up shop with her friends at the age of only 16 and appearing on Mary Portas’s TV programme ‘Mary Queen of Shops’. Not to mention working at some of the most iconic brands within industry, such as my personal favourite Alexander McQueen as well as Vivienne Westwood and Richard Nicoll. Since then her designs have been featured in all sorts of amazing publications such as Vogue, Rookie, and WGSN as well as being worn by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and singers like Rita Ora and Brooke Candy.

I think her designs speak for themselves, so it is definitely worth checking out her Tumblr site! I’m predicting she will be the next big thing at London Fashion Week! Apart from making me regret not studying fashion design, Mary has now inspired me to start up my very own pop-up shop, so friends get in touch!

All images from Mary Benson website and Tumblr

Website http://marybenson.co.uk/index.html

Tumblr http://mary-benson.tumblr.com/


Let me introduce you to one of the most exciting UK fashion brands to arrive within industry for a while, Partimi. The brand who offers arresting patterns and digitally printed graphics on a simple silhouette garment was founded by Eleanor Dorrien-Smith in 2009. Eleanor a graduate from the infamous Central St. Martins, first big break came when she got chatting to a woman from Anthropologie at her final year exhibition who immediately commissioned a capsule collection.

It was great to get in touch with Eleanor to see how she finds the inspirations to create her unique designs. “I always draw inspiration from personal experience; childhood memories by the sea, places where my parents grew up, teenage obsessions with artists, musicians and writers, familiar landscapes.  I like to focus my attention, or the lens, on something that I have a direct connection with because it helps me to create designs that are simple, clean and that tell a story”. She also mentioned the huge effect Britain has on the way she takes inspiration for the collections, “Prints I have designed have come from British granite coastlines, the undersides of old fishing boats, wild cliff faces, and patterns in the sand at low tide.  The designs have now become even more British as I now also produce all the pieces in London and the printing is done in Sussex”.

The connection to Britain’s coastlines and nature adds a certain uniqueness and an understanding to the collections. The talent of Eleanor is inspiring in her own right and the advice she gives to any other aspiring designers is“to get as much experience as you can working at a variety of different design companies.  If you are planning to launch a label then don’t underestimate the importance of business experience as well as design.  Knowing how to produce balance sheets and cash flow projections is just as important as creating patterns and designing prints.  Also familiarise yourself with the support that’s out there!” .

Partimi’s up and coming projects include the new collection designed for Liberty London Fabrics entitled ‘Wild Perennial’ will be launched in A/W 2014. Check out the current collections on the website with more information about the brand and its stockists.


All images courtesy of partimi.com and Eleanor Dorrien-Smith.

Will Prince

Kid Cudi, Joey Fatts and Asher Roth have all featured his work on various album and mixtape covers. His work is constantly being featured on Ill Roots and has even had his own showcase in Austin, Texas last year. This talented boy is called Will Prince and is definitely one of the freshest artists of his age around at the moment! He draws lots of his inspiration and concentrates a lot of his art on hip-hop artists and even self-confesses that he is probably more obsessed with music than art, “When you think of hip hop as a culture there is always the graffiti element to it.

I first discovered his designs when one of his images popped up on my Tumblr dashboard and from then on I have become an avid follower of his work. Some of my personal favourites are his creative sketches of Frank Ocean and Kanye West. I love how he creates such a bold image and creates such a balanced mix of art and the obvious Hip-Hop influence.

The artist from Cumbria states he simply uses a sharpie, paper and his Macbook to create his expressive cartoon style images. He is currently working on some mixtape and album projects and even a T-shirt line! I’m just hoping he will be doing a showcase in the UK very soon, so I can finally see the original drawings in the flesh!

Check out some of Will’s other work here:


And Will’s Twitter:


Dan Cook

You may not have heard the name Dan Cook yet but trust me, it will soon be everywhere! Think Ben Howard crossed with Maverick Sabre and you will get the talented musician from Hartlepool. Dan has recently been signed to the indie label Marathon Artists and is currently spending many hours in the recording studio.

His musical influences are heavily inspired through different genres like Soul, Hip-Hop and Blues and his favourite band Fink. Dan tends to draw a lot of lyric inspiration from past experience, saying I tend to write about things that have buried themselves so far into my mind that I can fall back into the mindset of that time to relay the experience into a song.”

I caught up with Dan, wanting to know how his love for music started and how it all began for him, “My Dad’s knackered old 12 string guitar used to sit in the corner of my room bedroom as a kid, I’d pick it up and have a mess around. He used to play little things to me which I would try to copy. It was just something that clicked instantly and I never put it down. From then on it was just a natural introduction into music, music is every were, so when you actually get into it and look for it it’s amazing what you will find. I came to a London University just to be in the city and see who I could meet etc and ended up finding myself musically.The effortless way Dan Cook performs, seems like music is definitely in his blood. His gritty and soulful lyrics certainly make him stand out from the crowd to many other artists at the moment.

I also posed the question does London and Britain influence your music in anyway,“My move from Hartlepool (North East) to London has had a big influence on me personally and musically. It allows me to look back on things with a different perspective musically, and appreciate what I have back home.Now you know who Dan Cook is, I guess we will just have to wait eagerly for any upcoming releases!

Check Dan out on Twitter and Facebook:



Images courtesy of Dan Cook Music & Charlie Sarsfield

India Rose

“I hate anything that limits my creativity.”– India Rose

With an obsession for trainers, photography and anything from Wang’s collections, no wonder India Rose’s 90’s influenced style has created such a buzz in the fashion blogging world. Fashion student India created her blogspot site when her college tutor encouraged her to launch a blog to discuss her interests and begin her very own photography portfolio online.

 “I stopped it for a while, as I didn’t really feel passionate about it once I gained a place at Nottingham Trent, but then something spurred me on to start it again. I can’t remember what, but whatever it was I’m thankful for it”

India has taken a fresh and distinct look on the androgynous style that has captured the attention of young bloggers and independent retailers, making her online presence grow and grow. I asked India to explain her style and where the inspiration comes from;

 “Everywhere really. Most of my friends are male, so I take a lot of inspiration from them and apply it to my own wardrobe. I like the way their style looks effortless, but yet it just kind of works. It’s also heavily based on durability and comfort. I like that. I also find inspiration from blogs, people I see on the street, music, art, old movies. Basically whatever I like the look of.

 I think it’s important to take inspiration from things that aren’t directly related to you or what you know, as you’d be surprised at the way you interpret the unknown. I was also interested to know if British styles and era’s inspire India’s style in any form. “It’s a difficult one to answer, because I just wear what I like. I suppose right now, whether I’m conscious of it or not, the raw aesthetic of the 90s has filtered into my style. My look is never overly polished, and I like things to look a little worn in. I suppose that’s quite British.”

The fashion communication and promotional student has a lot of exciting new projects and collaborations in the pipeline after graduating in July.

 “I can’t see myself working a 9-5 for the rest of my life, and I feel much better working under my own schedule and direction.So watch this space and keep up to date with her blog at http://indiaroseblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Apart from being slightly in love with India’s style, I also admire the way her personality shines through her media presence and constantly manages to be herself. Which is always her top piece of advice for any new (or old) bloggers out there, “Be yourself”.

Let’s be thankful for that unknown motivation that gave India Rose’s the inspiration to start blogging again.

You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter



Lizzie Kingdom

I came across Lizzie King’s dip dyed tassel earrings, while helping out a friend on a photo shoot, and instantly fell in love with her quirky designs. Her story began a year ago when she was commissioned to make a one off dip-dyed tassel for a photo shoot. She says “It was the first time I’d attempted to dye anything other than my hair but I became a tie dye enthusiast from that point on- since then I have sat through hours of tie dye tutorials”.

The Dalston based designer has now taken to using her dip-dyeing skills on to clothing, shoes and even running her own ‘Get Rich or Tye Dyeing’ workshops, which look ridiculously fun!

What I really love about Lizzie’s designs and talent is that they are so vibrant and fun and could add such uniqueness to your style. Lizzie recalls when her friend Jess wore the bright orange and yellow tassel earrings; a man on Ridley Road market gave her a free bunch of grapes as they made him so happy!

When I caught up with Lizzie she told me that “I love seeing people wearing them – especially as my customers so far range from 12 years old to 90.” Now with a broad customer market like that, I can only feel the Lizzie Kingdom brand will only be going from strength to strength.

To see more of the Lizzie Kingdom collection or even send her your old t-shirt to dip dye through her online service, visit her website:



Some of the dip-dyed tassel earrings are also stocked at Mint Vintage in London

71 – 73 Stoke Newington High Street
N16 8EL

Main images by http://www.lydiagarnett.com/