About Inga Baufale

I'm currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I explore collaborations between the fields of art, architecture and design. My passion is for innovations and new ideas in contemporary art. I represent the "Born in Britain" values by developing and perfecting myself as a person, student, and an artist in Britain.

Anna Ginsburg

I would like to introduce an animated video for indie band The Bombay Bicycle Club called “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep? “ made by Anna Ginsburg.

This animation is a journey of a little boy who one night dreams of going to the moon. Inspired by the short story “Distance of the moon” by Italo Calvino.

Anna Ginsburg is an animator based in Edinburgh, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art this year and has already won a BAFTA award for the Best New Work for the featured video.

It took her six months to create this stop- motion video and that explains the beautiful execution, magical atmosphere and intricate detailing that blends very well with the music.

To find out more information visit her website http://annaginsburg.co.uk/

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen

Original ideas, questioning mind, touch of mystical atmosphere and collaboration between materials and means of expression are qualities that made me interested in this artist.

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen was born in South Africa, but moved to Scotland in 1988, and is now working in Dundee. She combines experiences of different cultures and environments in provoking and psychological art works. Investigating the merge between human made urban surroundings and mysterious animal environment, she makes a statement on connections between animal and human worlds. Her work is an amalgamation of natural and synthetic, beautiful and grotesque, animal and man.

She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone with a Master in Fine Art in 2010 and has participated in several group exhibitions internationally and in the United Kingdom. She was awarded the William Sangster Phillips Fund, Dundee Visual Artists Award and the Sir William Gillies Bequest Award.

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen uses video, sculpture, printmaking and performance to explore the similarities between man and animal, then transform them into fantastical creatures. This is a wondrous metamorphosis that addresses the viewer’s psychological experiences and affinity between a man and a beast.

In her works nature is almost adapted to human environment, animals are altered and transformed to such an extent that they become unnatural. This atmosphere of abnormality and unreality questions today’s environment and is a reflection on our culture and mankind.

To view more of her works, visit this website http://morphbody.weebly.com/


Konx-om-Pax aka Tom Scholefield is an animator, director and audio/visual artist based in Glasgow. The name “Konx-om-Pax” is taken from the title of a series of essays published in 1907 by famed occultist Aleister Crowley, it translates as “Light In Extension.”

Tom Scholefield connects esoteric and pop-culture, blurs the boundaries between different mediums, and experiments combining sound and 3 dimensional animations into interactive art pieces. He makes music and animations, creates short films, videos and sleeve designs. He has made music videos for Mogwai, Jamie Lidell and Hudson Mohawke. His works are best described as a merge between music production and installation art.

This year he released his debut album on Planet Mu “Regional Surrealism”. His created animation for the album trailer effectively accompanies electronic music and shows off his skills as an animator and visual artist. This animation is a detailed and complex fantasy world of futuristic structures and mechanisms inhabiting a monochromatic environment. Mechanical mountainous terrain is a successful interpretation of the cold, ambient and atmospheric instrumental music sounds.

Tom Scholefield is interested in alternate realities and different states of being. His works celebrate cultural variety, intertwining esoteric and futuristic ideas into fantastic worlds and surreal artworks. To see more of his works visit this website www.displaycopy.net

Eleanor Stewart

Books are generally used for mental activity- reading, learning, gathering inspirations and ideas, but Eleanor Stewart also transforms books into models and creates exquisite animations. She exploits the full potential of the written piece, visualizations of music and abstract ideas are made of the same book paper. She converts books into a three dimensional world- experience that can be achieved just in our imagination, but now becomes real.

Eleanor Stewart is an animator, model maker and an illustrator. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2009 and received the Bram Stoker Medal for most imaginative work and a D&AD Best New Blood Award.

I would like to introduce her created animated film for the Classical music work ‘Hoedown’ from the Rodeo Suite by Aaron Copland. Hoedown from Rodeo is her interpretation of the music into paper animation. She beautifully captures the mood and atmosphere in paper cut outs, characters are lively and vibrant, creating an impression of music sheets coming alive.

Her recent project is a film called ‘Raindrops’ for Microsoft in partnership with Hyundai. It is an animation about Hyundai recycling rain water at its factories. To find out more information check out her website www.eleanorstewart.co.uk


Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean is a talented artist expressing her opinion about our culture through variety of mediums. She is a former graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, now based in Glasgow.

She creates unreal psychedelic spaces from signature objects and images that represent today’s reality. Identity and gender issues, ideal body image, consumer society and values of our culture are questioned in her works. She picks social values and tendencies, exaggerating them and shifting into the realm of absurdity and artificial grotesque imagery. It is a parody, a masquerade that through a positive and happy mask points at today’s culture.

Rachel Maclean is using different media- video and digital art is accompanied by installations, paintings and sculptures. Recent projects include the videos “The lion and the unicorns”, “Over the rainbow” and series of digital prints “Girls”.

Her artworks tell a story of time travel- history, present issues and future imaginations are combined in a provocative, bold and unique manner. Dream-like spaces and fantasy characters address the matter of consumerist obsession in a teasing way.

To see more of her works visit this website www.rachelmaclean.com

Kate McLelland

Kate Mclelland grew up in North East of England, completed BA degree in Theatre Design in London and moved to Edinburgh to gain her MA in Illustration. She is an excellent fit for the Born in Britain concept, as she has nurtured her talent by taking learning experiences and creative opportunities across all Britain.

Kate McLelland’s achievements include nomination for a D&AD Illustration Award and a Penguin Design Award. She has worked on prints, commissions and for her degree show in Edinburgh College of Art she designed a charming range of children’s books called “Soot” and “Follow That Sparrow”.

Her outstanding contemporary designs are bold, original and vibrant. Each illustration has its own unique atmosphere and personality. Her ideas are embodied into illustrations in a beautiful manner, maintaining her signature style throughout the portfolio.

Kate Mclelland’s design was first runner up in a competition “New London Skyline” held by London Transport in 2010 to design the skyline that reflects London today. Every year since entering this competition she was creating a new skyline, at first Edinburgh, then Paris.

Elegant prints impress with appealing colour combinations, clean lines and precision in capturing the character of each city.

To see more of her inspiring designs and to find out which skyline she is working on this year, take a look at her website www.katemclelland.co.uk


Mina Braun

Art can be expressed through enormous complexity and mental quality, it requires time, concentration and understanding of the original idea in order to grasp the artist’s message. Mina Braun’s works reveal the opposite approach and way of thinking- her illustrations capture the essence in simple and straightforward imagery. She prefers clarity over complexity and substitutes intricate forms with symbolic meanings.

Mina Braun is a former graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, originally from Germany, now living and working in Edinburgh. Her commissioned works include album covers for the Scottish musicians James Yorkston and Orkestra Del Sol as well as illustrations for the Edinburgh International Book Festival. She was featured artist of the month in Marchmont Gallery, Edinburgh in August 2012.

Mina Braun’s inspiration in mythology and nature is evident in her imaginative narratives and symbolic characters. Skillfully created prints deliver straight forward and clear images that evoke positive emotions. Harmonic colours, attention to detail and use of repetitive forms create balanced and beautiful compositions. The narratives are based in a dream like environment, where a merger between human and nature becomes possible, resulting in admirable characters. Her illustrations celebrate artlessness and positivity; they bring back the atmosphere of childhood naivety and playfulness. It’s a good mood injection that will not leave anyone ignorant.

Nowadays, when information, communication and lifestyle are gathering speed, Mina Braun’s illustrations create a space, where you can rest, escape from the busy digitalized culture and remember the original values. To see more of her works visit this website www.minabraun.com

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David Fleck

I am inspired by artists who experiment between mediums, combine contrary experiences and don’t limit themselves to one way of communicating their ideas to the public. I have seen artists brilliantly merging different methods of expression into original artwork, making a transition from common to unexplored and David Fleck is one of them.

David Fleck is an architecture student and artist based in Glasgow. He creates illustrations, translating architectural experience into beautiful artworks. I was first introduced to David Fleck’s works in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, featuring his current show “Our Ancestors”. Further research led me to various websites and online design competitions, where he is successfully participating and has created numerous projects. His designs are printed on CD covers, clothes and product packaging. `

His illustrations invite you to a fantasy world, where architecture has new possibilities and ordinary objects expand their potential in a playful manner. Cities growing on the trees, cloth ropes becoming kits and buildings transformed into air-balloons expand your imagination. Skilful use of architectural elements and buildings in his illustrations evidently shows the background in architecture. Contradiction between geometry and natural forms, use of silhouette and negative space creates a beautiful contrast and each artwork tells a story.

Looking through his portfolio I can definitely say that David Fleck’s works are original, inspiring and eye-catching, admired by a growing number of people. That makes him a great fit for the Born in Britain project. To see more of his works visit the Red Door Gallery, this website http://fleck-tesseract.tumblr.com/and online shop http://society6.com/Fleck .

Inga Baufale