About Inga Baufale

I'm currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I explore collaborations between the fields of art, architecture and design. My passion is for innovations and new ideas in contemporary art. I represent the "Born in Britain" values by developing and perfecting myself as a person, student, and an artist in Britain.

Katy Anderson

Katy Anderson graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with BA Drawing and Painting, receiving Andrew Grant Bequest for First Year Studies in 2009. Her recent exhibitions include solo show at The Blackbird and RSA Contemporaries 2013.

Katy’s inspiration lies in fashion and visual aesthetics. She looks at designers as artists, combining fashion research with the observations of processes found in nature. Her practice revolves around the latest designer collections and cellular forms of nature, proving that anything can be used as a material for inspiration and food for thought. The parallel between fashion and patterns of disease cells offers ambiguous interpretations of her artworks, which makes it even more challenging and interesting for the viewer. Katy demonstrates a successful approach of exploiting every form of nature as a source for contemporary art.

Her portfolio is an engaging exploration of Individuality vs Conformity. She works with the body silhouette, using different colors and patterns, emphasizing the importance of being different and unique. Katy expresses her perspective on the world of fashion. Transforming recognizable shapes and fashion forms into unfamiliar abstract combinations, she creates almost hypnotizing works.

To find out more, visit her website www.katy-anderson.com

Julie Marie Fleming

Unusual canvas formats draw immediate attention to the vibrant and colorful compositions in Julia’s paintings. Adopting peculiar circle and semi-circle canvas as part of her artworks, she steps out of the traditionally used form.

This noteworthy attempt of replacing the ordinary square shape with less common forms, opens new perspectives in artistic practice. Canvas is the foundation, the basics, that’s where you start. Change the foundation, and the artist’s thinking will change.

Originally from Glasgow, Julia Marie Fleming is Edinburgh based artist, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. She has participated in various exhibitions including Black Cube Collective at The Old Ambulance Depot and Bold. Colour. Progress. at The Congregational Gallery. She is inspired by the colors and forms that are seen in nature. From microscopic photographs to macro telescopic images, she explores nature that cannot be perceived with the naked eye.

Julia’s works change what we traditionally know about painting. Her highly contemporary artworks stand out, catching the attention by unfamiliar forms and bold, vibrant imagery. There is emotion and passion. Color contrasts create the mood and the atmosphere. Each painting is a unique observation of surrounding space.


Julia’s artworks are not about the concept, but about the image. Her art is not overloading the viewer with ideas and theories, which is so popular in today’s art world, but projects the purity of aesthetic qualities. She lets the viewer to decide, interpret and appreciate the artwork in his own way.

To see more of her works, visit this website www.juliemarieart.co.uk

Alice Jacobs

Alice Jacobs graduated from Glasgow School of Art with BA in Fine Art: Sculpture and Environmental Art in 2012. She creates mesmerizing installations, changing perception of space and constructing new environments using light. She works with spatial transformations, altering surrounding architecture, objects and atmosphere.

Alice’s artworks convey important religious and philosophical questions. Her project “the body of light” relates specifically to Buddhist meditations, yet connecting to other religions through the idea of “inner light”. This sculpture, made of light and reflective qualities of water, is an attempt to materialize  inner intangible light into a visible presence.

“Separated from any image, natural light or gauge of the actual depth or length of the space, the audience is left looking at something that is there, yet without any perception of what it is that they are looking at. Something, but almost nothing at all.”

This artwork resonates with everyone on different levels. The purity of the message is so powerful, it almost pulls you in a meditative state. It connects with the deeper levels of consciousness, urging the viewer to look within himself.

Her past exhibitions include yours is a body light, The Beresford Gallery; The Art of Tea, Harry Barnes Building and RSA New Contemporaries 2013.

Alice is also a  co-founder of Flux Laser Studio, along with fellow GSA graduate, Philip Longstaff.

To see more of her works, visit www.alicejacobs.co.uk

Claire Simpson

Abstract paintings and collages, portraying delicate tonal variations and harmonic geometrical compositions form central part of Claire Simpson’s portfolio of urban observations. Claire is a recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, where she received her BA in Drawing and Painting.

She investigates the built environment and transforms her observations into fundamental shapes and geometry.  She picks existing places or architectural details and creates a geometrical response, which results in an appealing graphic image with recognizable elements that guide you through the artwork. Her works represent a  sensitive combination of spatial qualities and flattened surface. I like looking at her well-executed artworks, perceiving this abstract imagery as a key to person’s unique world view.

“Inspired by the phenomenon of the urban experience, I experiment in bringing what we see from outside into a context where its existence is appreciated more. Attracted by the basic shapes of buildings I break down forms to their simplest state and juxtapose them. Pure geometry has a presence and I choose to play with this possibility, experimenting with the understanding of aesthetics through color and shape.”

Her recent exhibitions include 74² in Whitespace gallery and RSA New Conteporaries 2013.

To find out more check out her website www.claire-simpson.co.uk


Lisa Jane Birch

Lisa Jane Birch is a recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanston. Her main body of work consists of abstract visual representations of language and communication. She explores the concept of sound translated into materialized forms, changing heard speech into visual imagery.

Lisa creates psychological works, examining human nature. She visualizes complex patterns of sound, illustrating the vocalized form of communication. The metamorphosis between sound and image is captured in her elaborate drawings, offering a freedom of interpretation. Her works reveals a new level of understanding, a new connection between different processes in human mind.

“My work resolves around the thought process, imagination, memory, the senses and other actions which take place within the human mind. I often find words can be much more powerful than image and I aim to continue producing work where the words are used to paint a story, visually rather with speech. ”

Most of her artworks are black and white drawings, working with fine-liner pen on paper. Monochromatic palette creates delicate tonal contrasts and focuses attention on the quality and variation of lines.

To see more of her works, visit this website www.lisajanebirch.com

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Aliyah Hussain

Aliyah Hussain graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with first class honors in Interactive Arts.In 2009 she received the Google Photography Award, exhibiting at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Her projects include costume designs, video installations and cross discipline collaborations. She confidently works between the fields of printmaking, performance and photography to name a few. She blends together traditional and contemporary, everyday objects and imaginary visions.

Gouache painted on top of a photograph represent a successful combination of opposite mediums in an artwork. Painted geometrical forms create distorted perspective, where figures become almost architectural models, transforming landscape captured in the photograph into an artificial scenery.

Her works merge intricate detailing with free painterly approach. She creates vibrant and elegant drawings of imagined flying machines, kites and satellites, or a flattened out carousel. Aliyah finds aesthetics in technology, converting technical drawings into visions of futuristic machines.

Collaboration is also a big part of her work. She is a member of the collective Volkov Commanders, “a group of artists who devised a unified alter ego to create collaborative sculptural and performance works that explore the boundaries between visual art, dance and costume.”

To see more of her works, visit her website www.aliyahhussain.co.uk and www.volkovcommanders.co.uk/


Theo Vass

Vibrant line drawings, bold installations, architectural observations and spatial transformations challenge surrounding environment in Theo Vass’s practice. Theo graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with BA in Fine Art. His portfolio displays a wide range of works, including videos, projections, sculptures, prints and exquisite drawings. He makes site specific installations and works on collaborative projects, constructing new environments and new spaces.

Theo is a great example of contemporary all-round artists, collaborating across disciplines and successfully delivering his ideas in any medium. He investigates surrounding space, translating his observations into balanced geometrical compositions, demonstrating beautiful drawing technique. Space becomes a part of his work, he displays drawings and layers projections on top of surrounding objects. Artworks and objects blend together, forming an altered reality.

His recent projects include a site specific collaborative response to Cairns Street in Liverpool, where he and another 10 artists created artworks in response to the street, transforming the area and abandoned buildings, working with residents and setting up a drawing workshop.

To see more of his works, visit his website www.theovass.com

Georgina Bolton

Georgina Bolton graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 with BA Fine Art specializing in Sculpture. She was awarded the John Kinross Travel Scolarship to Florence and received the Barns-Graham Trust Dissertation Research Grant.

Her inspiration lies in the geometries of the urban surroundings. She transforms two-dimensional geometry into spacial forms, creating a sense of energy and motion in still imagery.  Color contrasts and effective use of black against bright neon colors make her works look very vibrant and fresh.

Her drawings and prints remind me of an abstract map. I see this as an endeavor to translate the everyday experiences into abstract forms. Surface visuals of surrounding objects are simplified and transformed into indefinite shapes, where their value is replaced by the motion and dynamics of the urban experiences. An illusion that confuses the viewer and reveals a new aspect of successful geometrical manipulation.

Working in photography, print and sculptural installation, she also experiments in variety of mediums  including  jewellery designs and bookbinding.

Georgina’s portfolio is a journey between mediums and dimensions. She combines different techniques, blurs boundaries between art disciplines and transforms traditional mediums into highly contemporary artworks.

To see more of her work check out this website http://www.georginabolton.com/ and visit the RSA: New Contemporaries 2013 exhibition in Edinburgh.

Chloe Gough

A combination of art and philosophy that questions the traditional representation of human personality has found a new contemporary resolution in Chloe Gough’s works. Chloe is an artist based in Scotland, who graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in Fine art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practices in 2009. Since then she studied at the SMFA, Boston and University of Michigan for her Masters of Fine Art.

Her accomplishments include the Donald Dewer Arts Award, David and June Gordon Memorial Trust Award and The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Purchase Prize.

Chloe looks at human figures, their poses, language and characteristics, merging traditional portraiture methods with philosophical context and theory.Her artworks emphasize the importance of body language and details in physical appearance that can easily stay unnoticed. Not giving the face to the viewer, she creates an increased awareness of human gestures, poses and physical expressions.

“By removing the gaze and also perhaps the face, I hope to draw more attention to the details present in posture, pose and physical quirks that appear in a person’s stance,” says Chloe. Using a variety of mediums, primarily painting and printmaking techniques, she reinvents traditional approaches in portraiture, accentuating another physical aspect of human personality.

Her artworks display careful observation of people. She creates portraits by replacing facial features with objects, attempting to find individuality through material representation and to perceive a person as a combination of tangible objects.

To find out more, visit this page http://www.chloegough.net/


Anna Gibb

Anna Gibb is interested in cities and their development; she looks at walls, towers, cityscapes and skylines, exploring layout, structure and geometry of cities in detail. Her inspiration lays in history, old maps and city panoramas, creating complex artworks, she combines architectural experience and passion for hand drawing. She reconstructs past urban environments, as if they were never destroyed or altered over the course of time.

Anna is an architectural assistant and illustrator, based in Scotland. After graduating in 2009 from the Robert Gordon University, she was awarded the John Kinross Scholarship to study in Florence for three month. Anna also spent seven month in Australia, undertook an artist – in- residency at the Wasps studios in Glasgow and this year she was chosen to take part in the Venice Takeaway project.

She transfers her travel and cultural experiences into architectural drawings, being enthusiastic about history and context, she creates her visions of the past, bringing old towns and cities back to life. Her portfolio of elaborately executed drawings shows vast selection of numerous cities, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Moscow, Melbourne, Florence and Venice. The featured video represents the development of her drawing of Paris urban scenery from day 1 until finish.

To find out more about her works and to check out her latest artwork for “365 drawings” that stands for her personal challenge of making a drawing every day for a year, visit this website: www.annagibb.com

Michael Lomax

Folklore inspired illustrations made in a paper cut technique fascinate with detail and precision.

Michael Lomax is a freelance illustrator and designer, who graduated from the University of Wales in Graphic design and is now based in Nottingham. He specializes in paper cut illustration and being inspired by folklore, his portfolio contains a variety of  artworks illustrating well known fairy tale characters from his perspective. He has already created numerous works for magazines and publications and one of his recent projects- Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Most Incredible Thing” was featured in Creative Review’s 2011 Illustration Annual.

Some of the art pieces he made require cuts smaller than 1 mm in diameter which demonstrates his level of detailing and delicacy. It also shows the admirable level of perfection that can be achieved.

Michael experiments between a variety of expressions and methods. He compliments intricate paper cut illustrations with digital artworks, as his attention to detail can be easily transferred from physical to computer realms, achieving impressive results.

To find out more take a look at this website http://mjlomax.co.uk/ and his blog http://michaeljlomax.blogspot.co.uk/.

Sam Spreckley

Never ending contradiction and comparison between nature and technology has found new resolution in Sam Spreckley’s practice. His artworks are fresh ideas altering everyday reality in an unexpected direction.

Sam graduated with a Masters degree in Electronic Imaging from Duncan of Jordanstone, and is now based in Scotland. He is interested in the moving image, sound and animation, exploring the relationships found between sound and image. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally at film festivals and exhibitions, most recently in Greece as part of the European Young artists Biennial and also in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

His practice is inspired by biology and science, attempting to transform everyday items into mysterious objects. The featured video is based on the opposite elements- oil and water, two elements that will never mix. Combination of the two, merged with electronic sounds creates almost a mechanical structure. This surreal video is a skilfully made deceiving illusion, looking similar to a 3D animation it is hard to acknowledge the natural processes involved.

Sam turns natural elements into immersive artworks, synthesizing biological structures with machinery sounds. Exaggerating sensory perception and re imagining sounds of every detail, he creates an alternate sense of the natural world. This is another way of observing our reality, a rather uncommon looking glass that is focused on the processes existing in nature.

To find out more visit this website http://vimeo.com/samspreckley