About Emma Wright

I am studying Fashion and Textile design at Ravensbourne, cultivating my desire for drawing, painting and designing. My work is inspired by my imagination as well as by reality, responding to my emotions through visual recordings. These hand drawn illustrations are then warped to compose a more contemporary feel. To date I have worked with a variety of companies from Hussein Chalayan, Ted Baker, Matthew Williamson and Sass and Bide in Australia. Last summer I decided to create my own label where I crafted my textile designs into scarves, printing and manufacturing them in England.

Thomas Petherick

Thomas Petherwick is the art director of his set design and prop making company. His skills see no boundaries from making exlcusive one off hats for cat walk shows to stage designs in clubs. Thomas unique creative talent can literally be applied to anywhere. His installation work has been seen in the V&A  to hats designed  for Charlie Le Mindu and worn by Lady Gaga.

Below are hats designed for Charlie Le Mindu for the Royal Ascot, 2012.

Thomas Petherick Hats

Thomas Petherick Hats

Jaguar heads created for Tupac Martir debut show “Nierka”. Both heads where covered with thousands of glass beads and completed to to the ultimate perfection.

Thomas Petherick Jaguar Head


Thomas Petherick Jaguar head

Hat designs for Charlie Le Mindu in 2011.

Thomas Petherick Hats

For more information on Thomas Petherick at:



Emeline Nsingi Nkosi – Textile designer

Emeline is a Graphic Textiles designer having recently graduated from Ravensbourne in June 2012. She currently is an artwork designer at the advertising company Hogart as well as owning her own interiors brand Mako by Me.

I have chosen Emeline to customise a pair of shoes for this week’s charity auction at the Carnaby Street store in London. I known her shoes will have a mix of all her best creative qualities, painting, drawing and an energetic array of colours.

Ravensbourne college catwalk show


Bags Emeline Nsingi Nkosi GFW


For more information on the auction please go to: http://www.facebook.com/events/305949856175618/

Mako by Me


I find Emeline an inspirational graduate who I thinks knowledge and experience would be useful for many potential graduated this year. Here are a few questions I asked her opinion on:


1. Do you find the media platform within London a good springboard for up and coming talent within design?

If you know where to look, there will always be help available, I definitely think it’s imperative to start at uni, scouting ‘the help’ for after, making contacts not only with the industry but your own future industry; other fellow students. Who can have ands share the skills you may need to propel you further. Finishing uni does feel like a big learning curve, no one can really prepare you fully for what is to come. The most important is building contacts, starting to understand the industry. There are tons of jobs you never hear or get told about, but they exist. Choosing which direction to go in with the guidance from a tutor who has worked in the industry does help, even if it is not what you end up doing. As long as you have a direction, it’s better than none, and along the way doors will open that you may have never imagined and this is where being able to open is essential, at the time, it will be harder to apprehend but with time, I believe things will fall into place. For this reason, searching the internet asking around can lead you to ‘the help’. I had funding for the start up of my business “Make by Me” which would have never happened had I not spoke to people @ uni, @ talks, go to trade shows, museums, events … everything and anything helps.

2. Currently, in your opinion, do you feel people as a whole are interested in up and coming talent especially from a university source?

I definitely think there is a buzz about a fresh meat, fresh talent, with many of the new technologies such as 3D printing, new digital printers printing on non-coated fabric and having a much more eco-conscious mind. Young designers are growing around an environment that nurtures the new. We have to work hard to come up with something fresh, if possible new (debatable) I feel much harder than before. We have to have an edge, something different, learning new processes and researching on a daily basis. Once in the industry though, we have to learn fast.

3. What key points could you give to new students to advertise their work within the current media and social climate?

The key points I would give to a student are; be curious, ask questions, no matter how silly you think they are. Be life curious, it will enrich your work. Talk to people, go to events (yes you don’t think you have time, but make time, if no one knows you exist  … I believe things happen for a reason and often you are at the right pace @ the right time and thne it’s up to you to make your move. When there are competitions @uni, do them! Often it can lead to great opportunities. Through the competitions I have entered I was chosen as one of Hilary Alexander’s ‘secret seven to watch” and was featured in British Airways High Life magazine in June 2012. Which through I was featured in online Drapers and it dominoes … do not miss them! Keep your eyes open. Don’t worry, what is worse that can happen? In addition, if it happens, learn and move on.

4. What is you next key inspiration path for you design company, MAKO by Me.

Right now, my key inspiration path is to approach key boutiques to stock my cushions in. Online sales are also growing rapidly; I have seen a couple of online boutiques that are the target market. I have some prints I would like to test, depending on where I stock. Being a textile designer, you often try different styles, but it is important to have a second eye, a business eye, because you have to be able to love, as sad as that sounds. You spend three years being as creative as you want, I have come to realise it often becomes 80% business and 20% creative, make sure you learn as much as possible or have someone to help with that side. Enjoy uni! Be free! Experiment I would like to branch out into home wear and mostly bedroom textiles at the moment, stock and present in eco boutique hotels. Ideally in the near future design interiors. I would love to make wallpaper but such is the mind of a creative. Always looking for the next challenge.

For more information on Emeline and her business, Mako by Me, then please go to:




Nancy O’Conner – Painting the Gola trainer

Nancy O’Connor graduated from Ravensbourne this summer with a degree in BA Womenswear. Her collection was a vibrant selection of illustrative prints and surface textiles, making it the perfect collection for the luxury market. Her opulent beading and choice in quality fabrics really sets her collection off and away from the ordinary designer.

Currently Nancy is involved in the Gola customisation event. Where she will be using her unique sense of drawing for the Gola charity auction launching on Thursday 29th November at the Gola flagship store, Carnaby Street.

Nancy O’Connor – Illustrations


Her key skills are oil painting and illustrative work, which are clearly seen in the picture above. She expresses herself with a strong character on paper, which follows through to her fabrication work using various medias. We look forward to seeing Nancy’s creative take on the Gola brand within the next few weeks. For more information on this up and coming designer please go to her website at: www.nancyoconnor.carbonmade.com



Simon Northcott – Customising Gola

Gola is launching their charity auction in a couple weeks, where a diverse range of designers, from illustrators to fashion designers, will be customising Gola products as a celebration of British talent. Simon Northcott is one of the artists who shall be customising a Gola bag for the auction launching on the 29th November. I caught up with Simon so he could tell us a little more about his artistic background and his inspirations for his original sculpture and drawing pieces.

‘ My creative objective is simple: I want to make monsters. I’m currently studying a BA (Hons) in Technical Effects for Performance at the London College of Fashion, where I produce both illustrative and sculptural work in a variety of mediums as a way of facilitating my experimentation with the surreal and often foul zoological hokum of character/creature design.

Bull – Simon Northcott

Growing up in the briny climes of a British coastal town afforded me the time and space to cultivate a borderline wrong-love of the organic oddities that synthesise in strange, damp places, and I apply this with rabid fervour to all that I produce. The work of Katsuya Terada, Carlos Huante and Paul Komoda has rocked me to various states of epiphany along the way, so much so that when I’m not busy pressing clay into odd shapes or mixing noxious chemicals into new compounds I can be found flying the flag for practical special effects via my blog, www.clawsoup.com.’

Simons work will be going on auction on the Thursday 29th November either at the launch event at the Carnaby Street store or on the online auction site.

More information will be posted soon about the Gola auction right here on the Born in Britain site, their Facebook page and website – www.gola.co.uk 




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Emma Harriet – The Scarves

The Emma Harriet label was founded whilst drinking a cup of tea one sunny afternoon last summer. At the time Emma was assisting on print designs with various fashion houses, feeling that she couldn’t expres her artistic potential through their brand, she decided to get the guts together and form her own. As they say the rest is history ……

Her current collection is an elaborate congregation of four collections spanning a diverse range of exoctic colours and beauty. Each collection has been created through detailed artwork of drawings, paintings and 3D creations before being printed and hand finished, all within the borders of England.

The key sources of inspiration come from an assorted mix of visual references, life experiences and Emmas pure imagination. Her artworks begin their life as drawings on paper before being given life into stylised print on fabric ready to be crafted into a scarf.

Emma Harriet – Scarves

Emma Harriet – On shoot

All manufacturing aspects of the company are produced in Britain. From the printing of the silk to the gold foil pressing of the swing tickets. Promoting British manufacturing is a key part to the brands core, and will carry on being so for future collections.

For more information as well as an online shop go to:


Twitter: EmmaHarriet_

Texprint Competition awards 2012

My quest to find the most up and coming textiles designs lead me to the worlds most leading and exclusive fabric show in Paris, Premiere Vision. Here is located all the best fabric and accessory companies from around the world. People who specialise in printing, leather goods, technological fabrics and much more.

Premiere Vision – Paris

There are also more independent sections of the event, Indigo being one of the key textile areas. Supporting a variety of independent printing studios from London and around Europe. One of the key events that were to be held in this area was the prestigious Texprint award. This award supports and promotes some of the most promising textile graduate talent within Britain. With large companies such as The Drapers Company and Liberty Art fabrics being but a few of the sponsors. The selected students for the award are given the exposure to numerous buyers, press and investors from around the world.

Indigo area entrance

Final winners

All the work I found was truly inspiring and I give such great credit to all the students who participated in the scheme, I would like to congratulate everyone who took part. I have listed the final award winners from the event:

Carlo Volpi, winner of the Body Prize; Tania Grace Knuckey, winner of the Space Prize, Manri Kishimoto, winner of the Colour Prize; and Ying Wu, winner of the Pattern Prize.


However, there was one particular entry, Fergus Dowling that really caught my eye. His unusual approach to menswear really stood out from the rest of the stands. Using a beautiful mix of illustration and multimedia, creating unique and quirky pieces for the new season.

Fergus Dowling textiles


Fergus Dowling textiles

Fergus was also kind enough to express his opinion on the current climate and support for up and coming British talent. Here are his thoughts:

What where your feelings for being selected for the Textprint award?

I was very overwhelmed when I was selected for the award as everybody’s work that was selected for texprint was of such a high standard.

What was your key inspiration for this collection?

I draw inspiration from a few areas when I produce my work but my main aim is to always try and create a blend between traditional and contemporary imagery to produce interesting and detailed designs.

Do you feel British institutions have assisted you in reaching to this point?

The facilities and the tutoring at Leeds Collage of Art for surface textiles have had a key role in my understanding of textiles and I wouldn’t have been able to reach the stage that I am now without having had the support.

How much in your opinion, does the press support young British talent in design, music literature etc…?

I feel there is a lot of support from the press in aiding the emergence of new young talent in Britain, as people are always looking new and inspiring work, they aim to deliver.

What aspect do you feel new talent in Britain need support with?

Maybe the music industry as there are lots of incredibly talented bands and artists out there that are unable to acquire the success they deserve due to being over shadowed by the larger record labels.

What are your aspirations for the next coming year?

My main aim is to gain as much experience and understanding of the Fashion industry as possible, specifically more menswear, as well as develop myself as a designer

For more information on Fergus Dowling please visit his website : www.frdowlingdesigns.com

Gola x Tado Exhibition – Box Park

On Thursday the 6th September, I took the tube down to one of the exclusive shopping areas of East London,BoxPark. This site is literally created from several containers stacked on top of each other to create a new shopping experience! Here Gola Classic was launching its new products for the Tado x Gola collaboration by organising a superb out door exhibition on the Box Park upper floor complete with a cheeky bar and DJ set to get the evening going.

New Tado x Gola products.

The outdoor corridor where the art work was displayed

Art work for the London skyline, by Tado

Tado is a Sheffield based design from the duo Mike and Katie. Both of them stretch their design skills to cover a wide range of applications, from illustration to animation as well toy design. Over the last seven years, their designs have  crept into our world, spreading their love for colour and anything that makes you giggle! For more on Tado please go to:


Tado’s festival fun

The evening was a great success with a wide variety of viewers checking out the Tado artwork and enjoying the music atBoxPark. I am  looking forward to the 30th September when Tado comes to the Carnaby Street store to create one of these artworks LIVE!

For the full range of the Gola x Tado products go to either of their stores at Boxpark Shoreditch or the Carnaby Street store. Alternatively, visit their website


Highlights from LFW 2012

Again London has put on a spectacular show for London Fashion Week sourced from around the world. I have picked a few personal favouriets from the mix of catwalk shows and the exhibition that really highlight British fashion brilliance.

Elliot Rentz is a young teenage designer who recently relocated to London from Brighton. His creative skills are solely self taught not having studied fashion design at university. I find his designs striking and rather imposing, he uses the terms “flirting with death” as a strong summary for his current work. All of Ellitos deisgns are created from a variety of mixed media.

Elliot Rentz


Elliot Rentz

Holly Fulton in my eyes is one of the leading ladies in textiles and print in fashion.  Her originas are based in Edinburgh where she studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art. This collection involved a great mix of  hot accessories and graphic prints of luxurious materials.This is her second year at the show and hopefully we will see plenty more creations from Holly to come.

Holly Fulton S/S 13

Holly Fulton S/S 13


Claire Barrow was a little gem I discovered. Born in Stock-on-Tees, studied at University of Westminister and at the Cleveland College of Art in Middlesbrough. I find her deisgns appeal to a wide audience, from the young rebellious teenager to the twenties city rocker. Her pieces have a very strong  D.I.Y feel to them with organic hand drawn prints on mixed media fabrics.

Claire Barrow S/S 13


Claire Barrow S/S 13


Claire Barrow S/S 13


Atalanta Weller is a modern uniques shoe designer based in london. She is born in Gloucestershire and studied Cordwainers at London College of Fashion in London. The moment I saw these I fell in love with them, I do however have a very soft spot for shoes. Her client would ultimately be a very strong independant women. These bold, graphic shoes are not for the faint hearted.


Atalanta Weller A/W 12

Atalanta Weller A/W 12


Atalanta Weller A/W 12


Atalanta Weller A/W 12


Atalanta Weller S/S 12


Atalanta Weller A/W 11





Raw new talent.

This week we have seen the launch of the finalists for the British Council Awards. The nominees for the ‘Designer of the Year’, the most coveted award, has Christopher Kane, Mary Katrantzou and Stella McCartney vying for the title. The image below shows the designers top best design from the 2012 runway:

Stella McCartney and Mary Katrantzou. Nominees for the British Fashion Council Award 2012

However, I have been looking a little further ahead of who will be potential future nominees. One designer that caught my eye is the London based designer Hermione De Paula, specialising in strong crafted prints on soft feminine shapes.

Her work has a strong English heritage, originally born in Devonshire; she has taken her country grown surroundings and has created beautifully drawn flower illustrations as the main base of her current print work. I find her designs have a strong power women essence to them, even though the prints and fabrications are soft and elegant. The pictures below from her A/W12 collection:

Hermione De Paula


Current stockists are at Liberty and The Blue Bird in Chelsea. For more information in Hermione please click on the link to her website: