About Alex Gushurst-Moore

Alex Gushurst-Moore is currently studying English Literature and History of Art at the University of Edinburgh. In 2011 she founded The Designer Index as a global platform for emerging artists in fashion, and hopes to continue with the promotion of young talent through her academic work as well as through the media. Alex has worked with publications such as Spear's Magazine, The Student, and The Journal, as well as the artistic hub Creative Bath and her student radio station FreshAir.org.uk. She takes most pleasure from working alongside and collaborating with other creatives.

Nina Fini

Whilst the debate rages on as to what position street art and graphics hold in the history of the fine arts, many young artists are putting pen to paper to create exceptional and moving images of this ilk. A fine example of which is young artist Nina Fini: her startling grasp of anatomy, light, and how the written word merges with the visual makes for truly outstanding artwork.

Nina is now living and working in Bristol, working on honing her talents in mixed media. She advises me to ‘never underestimate what you can do with a biro’, to which her work clearly testifies. Largely working in acrylic, graphite, and ink, Nina’s portraits tread the line between the word, written and spoken, lyricism, and line.

Her inspiration is as intangible as her final product, incorporating the realm of the spiritual: illusions, the universe, the supernatural, with the human form. Most recently, her focus has been on ‘the fundamental changes that are happening all around us on a conscious level’. Such a philosophical heart to her craft imbibes Nina’s work with a moral value that is so often lacking in contemporary art.

Although she works primarily on paper and canvas, her style is obviously transmutable. She has recently been working on album covers, for the likes of Will and the People, and other music-based projects. This kind of interdisciplinary media work is natural, given the basis of her work, but creation is key to her future plans, whether it be in tattooing, illustrating, painting, or other commissions.

A truly excellent artist, and a marvelous person, Nina Fini is one to watch out for. Her website, ninafini.com shows her wider portfolio, she is now taking commissions and may be contacted at nina.fini@hotmail.co.uk.

Amelia Le Brun

At 18 years of age, most of us think of the world in A to B terms, which puts young photographer and model Amelia Le Brun way ahead of the pack. Born to British parents in Germany, Amelia has spent her life traipsing the globe; from Kuwait to Scotland, Jamaica to Dubai, hers has been an eclectic upbringing.

Now living in London studying for an arts degree, Amelia has had time to lay down some roots and travel the world around her- remaining the greatest source of inspiration.

A mix of candid headshots and street photography make up the bulk of her portfolio, but as a model, she also dabbles in constructed fashion shots.

Though photography is her prime medium, fashion is also a source of creative indulgence for Amelia. Her look is somewhat hectic, but far from being otherworldly, it as an aesthetic that is very natural and obviously a product of her creative personality and upbringing.

A professional career is on the horizon for this young artist, but for the moment she’s living and working for her craft. Inspiring stuff.

A selection of Amelia’s work can be found at ams-le-brun.tumblr.com – she can be contacted at mealz@hotmail.co.uk.

Harriet Dahan-Bouchard

To be in with the Old Masters, a student of portraiture must boldly go to where it all began. At the Florentine Charles H. Cecil Studios, there an art is taught so fine that fewer than one hundred artists in the UK are trained in this classical manner, and Harriet Dahan-Bouchard is one such practitioner.

Born in London to two artists, Harriet soon moved to Downside School, Somerset, where she spent most of her adolescent life. At the age of eight, her father bought her a book on Ingres, the book that would be the catalyst in finding her vocation; on receipt of this seminal work, Harriet asked her father, the surrealist painter Philip Bouchard, ‘is there money in it?’ Positively assured, her mind was set, and life was full of rigorous artistic training from henceforth.

I recently had the pleasure of sitting for a sanguine with Harriet. The process took approximately ten hours over four sittings, and the result is, I believe, a fabulous likeness. The patience and focus with which the artist commands the room is not at all unnerving, her passion is sincere and dedicated, and her talent indisputable. This process brought to my attention the wonderful rarity of a talent and technique like Harriet’s.

From that early age of eight, the artist honed her skills, which came to fruition whilst studying in Florence. The program is a strict three years, divided into drawing (nudes and portraits), painting, and painting in oil. Students here are taught a traditional method of creation, dating back to the 16th century, called sight sizing. In this method, the sitter is placed directly next to the canvas and the artist moves from looking at the sitter meters away to the canvas, in constant motion and watchfulness. Proportion remains accurate and the result is visual exactitude.

Harriet currently works as a portrait artist from Somerset, and takes commissions for oils and sanguine. She is also exhibiting some of her work at theBathbranch of Urban Outfitters until November, in which the clash of classical and modern is at once both intriguing and completely natural given that Harriet, as the artist, breaches both of these worlds.

She is also soon to be featured on the new art community website called ‘MeMyArt’, a buying and selling site that also offers an insight into the creative process’ of countless young artists. The feature will be on her approach to art, which for any budding young painters is necessary read.

This is an artist worth watching. Harriet is at the forefront of a generation of artists and writers dedicated to traditional technique and original inspiration, and her emergence onto the art market signifies the begins of an extremely exciting artistic renaissance.

Harriet is currently available for commission and can be contacted at harrietdahanbouchard@gmail.com.