Andy Petrouis

Andy Petrouis, or Dr Petrouis as he is fondly known, is an Illustration undergraduate at the University or Worcester.

Whilst he isn’t a Doctor quite yet, he most certainly is talented and has spent much time mastering his drawing style.

Andy typically draws with a Rapidograph pen, known for its precision and fine qualities. This tool enables Andy to perfect his drawings with tiny detail, right down to the bodily hair on the characters he creates.

Andy prefers to mix media and uses many hand drawn techniques to create personal and expressive pieces of work.

There is often a significant use of pencil in Andy’s work; a tool that is often disregarded by other design professionals. In this case, the pencil work makes images appear more primitive and is used to articulate detail against a relatively plain background.

Music and lyrics have played a key role in influencing Andy’s artwork. Although the works of art and music contrast, in that music develops over time, whereas the image is static, both enable the creator to develop a narrative.

Visual communication is important to Andy, who uses his illustration as a means of story telling. This communicative style is powerful, giving his work depth and substance.

You can see more of Andy’s work through his Twitter page @APillustrated


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