Alice Takes A Trip

‘Alice Takes A Trip’ is a one-of-a-kind Sheffield-based boutique fashion label run by two sisters. Claire and Laura Middleton have been stitching up a storm since 2006 and now you can spot their individual, hand-crafted garments and accessories in boutiques all over the globe.

Specialising in putting a quirky, mischievous twist on dainty designs, all ‘Alice Takes A Trip’ garments are produced and finished locally and every single one is different. Inspired by myths, fairy tales and Victorian dolls, the sisters see themselves as embodying “the darker side of wonderland”. From their bow-embellished bags and tees to their handmade lace-cuff dresses, they have succeeded in creating a label that is both distinctive and instantly recognisable.

They’re getting some much-deserved notice in the fashion press too; they have already been involved in Channel 4’s “Frock Me” show and last year were given the accolade of being featured in fashion bible Drapers. It looks as if Alice could be set to take a trip to the big-time.

To check out more beautiful ‘Alice Takes A Trip’ garments, visit their website.

– Georgie

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