Based in the musical Mecca that is Sheffield, upcoming duo Algiers is taking on British contemporary rock culture with its playfully coloured style of pop rock. Picture a festival stage beneath the blazing sunshine or a packed red-bricked Camden venue. This band is the sound of Britain through and through.

Whilst hard rock can be too abrasive for some, and indie or pop too lacklustre for others, Algiers strike an appealing balance between the two. Weightless yet driving, William’s light, almost folkey vocal and guitar melodies surf over John’s cogent drumlines. Borrowing the simple pop music formula in their composition, the boys achieve personality through their heartfelt lyrics and catchy hooks. Most impressively, their sound has the energy of a band twice the size of a duo.

In fact, William and John actually met in a bar and bonded over appreciation for the other’s band at the time. A jam turned into several and in October 2011 they broke onto scene with their EP ‘Four Priests’. Two years later, Algiers have unveiled a more rustic track ‘Lighthouse’, which will be followed by their debut album ‘You’re The Captail’ on 27 January 2014 on Xtra Mile Recordings – also home to releases by the likes of Frank Turner.

‘As Tall As A Lighthouse’ is a tangy folk rock anthem with its organic vocals, aboriginal drumming, quick skipping guitar riff and kaleidoscopic reverb – topped off with a very original vintage music video. More psychedelic than ‘Four Priests’, the track echoes the likes of MGMT and Yeasayer and shows the duo to have truly fine-tuned their sound in the past couple of years. Catch them gigging up and down the UK and launching the album in the New Year.

Find Algiers on Facebook, Bandcamp and Twitter.

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