Alex Gushurst-Moore

I have the pleasure of personally introducing lovely Alex to you all. She is of course one of Gola’s Student Ambassadors, and for good reason!

The amount of creative projects that Alex is involved in is astounding. I honestly can’t fathom how she manages to find time to sleep! She has founded a massive fashion database website, is writing for several different projects, works with a company doing brand management, is a Gola student ambassador, is part of a radio show called Radio Airheads and on top of everything, she is doing a full time degree. Did I mention she also finds the time to hold down a weekend job? Needless to say, she is also one of the nicest people I’ve met and very easy to talk to, so here is my brief summary of what makes her such an amazing, creative person:

Coming from a half American, half English background, and being raised in both southern England and New England, has given her a lot of experience to draw from. She is very independent and seems to thrive on constantly keeping busy and creating. Her main passion is writing, and at the moment she is studying English Literature and Art History at the University of Edinburgh .

Alex tells me that growing up she was always surrounded by books and writing. Both her parents are academics and teachers, and her father is also a writer.  Reading and writing is the way in which her family communicates, and her entire family seems to have creative flair. Her sister has started their own Family Newspaper, and also wishes to become a writer, and her brother is very musically talented. Alex herself also plays guitar, but claims that her brother is better than her. I think I would have to hear them play to be the judge of that!

Another passion of Alex’s is fashion design. She voices that in her opinion, it is one of the most important and overlooked forms of visual art. It is one with a function and purpose. Alex is highly interested in new, young designers and the work of up and coming talents. From this interest she has developed her brainchild, the Designer Index. Simply put, this is like the IMBD (Internet Movie Database) of fashion design. After getting a small team of people to work with her, she made this dream a reality and the website prototype has been running for about a year now. They are currently in the process of redesigning, and will be relaunching it at the start of next year.

She hopes that in the future, the Designer Index will become a platform for young designers that will allow them to build on and ultimately benefit from. In particular she would love for it to increase awareness of lesser known designers, and give those in 2nd and 3rd world countries the opportunity to compete internationally with renowned labels in the fast paced world of fashion.

Some more fashion related work form Alex, is working with an Argentinian leather company ‘Estados’ doing brand management. If you think that is already a lot of work on top of normal university essays, deadlines, reading, exams, and of course working with Gola, then you clearly have underestimated her!

Along with this mega project, Alex is also working collaboratively with other writers on academic books, to do with the subject of Art. She explains her involvement in a book called simply, ‘On art’ with Hannah Barbhouthi. The book aims to redefine what art means, what it’s purpose is, and question conceptual art. She is also working on another book on a similar subject, with Jack Hillcox.

This young, vibrant student clearly has a strong, intelligent and creative voice, and is especially driven. She loves to be involved in collaborative efforts and building ideas with other people. Alex definitely has the talent and ambition to succeed, so keep a look out for this creative powerhouse!


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Hello! I’m excited to be representing Gola as a student ambassador, and help them in their mission to discover and recognize Britain’s emerging, creative talents. I’m currently an illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art. I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than working hard and being totally immersed in an idea. I like adventures and a lot of the work I do is about journeys, exploring cool places and meeting interesting people. Between Scotland’s wild, highland landscapes and a vibrant city full of history, there's a lot to be inspired by.

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