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Dynamic lines,  atmospheric imagery, humour and imaginative narrative are all at the heart of good animation, and new collective of artists ticks every box. I’d like to introduce to you, Ahoy!, a collective on animators set up by Oana Nechifor and Peter Shaw of Edinburgh College of Art (ECA).

Ahoy! is the ECA winner of the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises, a very competitive award for a £10,000 business grant focusing specifically on creative industries in design. The founders of the collective, Oana Nechifor and Peter Shaw have worked hard to make their idea become a reality, and now have given themselves the opportunity to continue working within the field of animation, as well as supporting other up and coming animators who share their passion and talent.

Although Ahoy! is a newly founded business, both Oana and Peter have had very successful films and projects during their time as ECA students.

Notably, Peter and Oana among other students Farah Ahmad, Amy Shields, Miryam Lacey, and Gavin Robinson were given the opportunity to animate short 5 minute films that were broadcast last November on BBC Scotland, as part of a series titled ‘Addicted to Pleasure’ hosted by Brian Cox, which investigated how the brain and body are affected by different substances such as sugar, alcohol and tobacco.

Alongside this, Peter and Oana both produced beautiful short films for their final year show at ECA.

Peter made Lagan, a film about a fisherman and his son full of magical realism and apocalyptic atmosphere. This will be shown at the Edinburgh Filmhouse as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 26th, alongside other films eligible for the McLaren Award in New British Animation.

Oana Nechifor also made a stunning film called The House with No Doors, exploring the life of the character Jon who lives his life as a hermit and whose only escape is through imagination and the arrival of a little bird. The film, which is also eligible for the McLaren Award, will be shown at the Filmhouse on the 21st of June.

Please take a look at the Ahoy! show-reel and stay tuned with them to find out what will be happening next.

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