Adam Pryce

Adam Pryce is a 28 year old freelance illustrator who is currently based in Manchester UK. As a child his favourite thing to do was to draw and copy anything and everything – it began with Disney characters – studying the backdrops and different techniques they used. In school he started to do caricatures of classmates, draw his own comic strips and design Christmas cards and posters for the school. Adam then went on to study art at College doing a B-TECH diploma over 2 years exploring all areas of art and design and then choosing one area to focus on, which for him, was illustration. He then went to University to focus on illustration, graduated in 2006 and has been a freelance illustrator ever since (alongside working lots of part time jobs in cafes and bars).

Adam loves being an illustrator, he says “no day is ever the same, I go to sleep excited about what the next day will bring.” It’s not an easy job – and at times he feels lonely, spending long periods of time working alone on a project and reaching deadlines – however he says “it all fades when I see my work in print”. He works a lot in schools around the country, teaching various art techniques and telling children what inspires him as an artist. He gets as much from them as they get from him as they are not afraid to say what they like (and don’t like) and are constantly making him look at the work with fresh eyes, which he finds really important.

Adam’s work is a mixture of hand-drawn and digital elements all pieced together on Photoshop. He tends to fill lots of large sheets of paper with drawings, doodles and words and then chooses his favourite and scans them in to the computer (he describes the way he works similar to using fuzzy felt). Colour is really important to him and he constantly experiments with colour partnerships – he says “it’s important to be bold and make snap decisions as I never spend more than a day on a piece so I keep the energy and freshness”.

His biggest inspiration as an artist is be Mary Blair – she was the concept designer for Walt Disney through the ’50s and ’60s and her work is still inspiring designers and illustrators today. His other favourite artists include Eric Carle, Sara Fanelli, Marc Boutavant, Brian Wildsmith and Charley Harper.

Adam’s greatest achievement so far is seeing things in print – he says “there are no words for that magical feeling when you walk in a shop and see your work on the shelf”. 2013 has been a really special for Adam as he has greeting cards in Paperchase and Selfridges and also had two books published. In 2014 he is having a couple of sticker books being released which he can’t wait for and possibly working on a short animation, which is an area he’s really been interested in for a while.

In the future Adam would love to fulfil his childhood dreams and work at Disney or Pixar as a character designer. He is currently writing and illustrating his own set of children’s books and sending them out to different publishers so he’s super busy with that at the moment. Adam says “I love my job as it doesn’t feel like a job – I wake up each day and play”.

For more information and examples of Adam’s work please visit his WebsiteTwitter and Instagram.

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